People of Walmart: The Hair Edition

User-submitted photos of Walmart shoppers from across the US. Courtesy

…and my favorite!

H/t MyFox8

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I am trying to avoid the “One World Stop and Shop” all together. They gave huge amounts to the illegal POS campaign.




I have had little hair up top since my mid 30’s and I would NEVER trade my cue ball look for any of these ‘doo doos’.

I have sullied myself with going to Walmart three times in the last 8 years or so. That is too much for me. I am willing to pay a tad more at smaller, regional, locally run businesses where I know the owners, managers and employees.


LOL – This is why I shop at Target.

The prices really aren’t all that much higher, and you don’t feel like you have wandered into the middle of a circus freak-show while you are shopping.


Joseph E Fasciani

Ditto and Amen, Dave! Target’s finally come to Canada by its purchase of the old Zeller’s store chain. We have one going in at the Tillicum Mall, and the company’s spending millions to completely refurbish that dated venue. My main reason to go to WalMart is for reasonable groceries, but the new Target will be half the drive, and may have some groceries as well, since the old Zeller’s did. Any way one looks at it, it’s a win-win all around!

Joseph E Fasciani

Trust me on this, GF, you do NOT belong there w/them, but you –as were I and many others reading this– are thrown in helter-skelter. That’s why the New Testament has so much on ‘discriminate’ and ‘discrimination’. The original Greek did NOT mean ‘racially oriented’: it meant that we were to cultivate what most today will call ‘taste’ and ‘insight’, so we could better perceive the reality we looked at or heard.


and this is for the ultimate one: “Excuse me, but do you have my dog in there?”