People of Walmart: The end days edition

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There’s a website called, to which readers can send — and get published — candid photos they’ve taken of odd-looking shoppers in various Wal-Marts across the U.S.
Periodically I go on the website to cull pictures for my “People of Walmart” posts on FOTM (scroll down to bottom of this post for our collection). I do them as a way to chronicle how Americans have lost our sense of self-respect and propriety. Too many of us don’t make even a minimum effort at pulling ourselves together before we go out of our homes, but instead parade our slovenly appearances for the world to see.
I haven’t done a “People of Walmart” post for a while, so I went on the website to trawl for some pics.
That’s when I saw The Ultimate “People of Walmart” pic.


Eye Bleach Alert! Eye Bleach Alert!
What’s seen can NEVER EVER be unseen!
You are forewarned!!!


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0 responses to “People of Walmart: The end days edition

  1. Uh-They’re ALL “Clown Editions”,aren’t they? Maybe we’ll find the next “alleged president” there someplace

  2. That’s not scary,now the front maybe Or the front could just be sad

  3. Perhaps he was looking for the underwear aisle.

  4. No, this cannot be! It must be the WalMart in that town in France, which is entirely nudist, and even reporters are required to “shed all to tell all.”.

  5. EEEK God, a Yale man!

  6. L.M.A.O…..Only one thing to say : Is it a he?, is it a she ? or is it a ( sheheit…………..I wonder if this was caught in the Ainsley Mall area of Atlanta ,,,,Dave would have a chuckle on that

  7. Oh Come On! Do you expect me to believe this? You’re telling me this is not photoshopped? Now if you had the naked man being subdued by police, then I could see it! Pul-lease!!!


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