People of Walmart: The Clown Edition

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It’s Wednesday, hump day! Time for another “People of Walmart”! 😀
Another sign of the devolution of America: Mature adults voluntarily dress themselves in clownish outfits.
User-submitted photos of Walmart shoppers from across the US. Courtesy
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0 responses to “People of Walmart: The Clown Edition

  1. How in the hell do people walk out of the house looking like something out of a ” Monty Python ” skit . Absolutely no self respect . Odds are that 60% to 80% of these “clowns” voted for the usurper .

  2. Yikes! Them people are scary 🙂

  3. Please tell me it was Halloween!

  4. You made my day!

  5. WTF?!?!? (Well, That’s Fun)


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