People of WalMart…

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Always give us a good laugh!

Why even bother with the belt?

Outdoor living indeed…

At least they have similar likes!

Hopefully mom picked up some clothes for the kids!

Maybe he thinks women’s underwear would be more attractive?


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0 responses to “People of WalMart…

  1. That’s my people… 😉

  2. OMG! I was chuckling pretty good until I got to the guy looking at the undies, and ‘SPEW’ alert…LMAO… Wow..that’s some funny stuff there!
    How do you get the ability to walk with your pants waist around your knees?… I mean, wouldn’t that interfere w/a quick get-away in the event this was a perp? LOL!!

  3. Referring to the last pic: how is it legal for somebody to walk around in public with their butt hanging out of their shorts like that?! I don’t understand why people like that don’t get arrested by the cops, nor women who don’t wear bras and show through their tops.

  4. And we wonder how people like Obama get elected to public office.


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