People buying linguiça

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H/t our Miss May!
Come to think of it, this video is telling the truth. It’s just that the slaughter house is far removed from the supermarket.  🙁

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  1. I was a farmboy. Before we had meat in the freezer, I got to feed it, give it water, and watch my dad slaughter and butcher it. It puts it in perspective, but I ain’t no wussy vegan. This was hilarious, btw.

  2. some of the looks were hilarious….
    and the cute piggies squealing on que 🙂
    …I always waited until 185-200lbs when it became eat or be eaten

  3. this was hysterical !

  4. How funny!!! But also sad….people today do not really understand where food comes from. Check out my other blog to see how I am trying to get the consumers in West Virginia to realize we have a lot of good food grown right here.


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