Penis leggings for men and women

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We telegraph to the world the kind of person we are in everything we do — how we talk, how we walk, how we shake another’s hand, our hair-style, the kind of car we drive, and the clothing we wear.
So what do you think a pair of leggings with penises all over it says about the wearer? (Leggings are pull-on skin-tight stretch pants.)

Bas Kosters Studio, a clothing line based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is peddling the penis leggings with this oh-so-clever (not!) line:

“Is that a cock or your legs?”

The leggings are for women and men; cost €119 ($151.56!) a pair; and are on sale both online and in Bas Kosters’ stores — in Greece (just what this bankrupt country needs), Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and The Netherlands.
Bas Kosters also has an “Ugly Collection“. Here’s an outfit for men (there’s that penis again!):

Here’s an aptly-named “Ugly” outfit for women (is that a giant piece of turd on her head?):


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0 responses to “Penis leggings for men and women

  1. Dang, why does this remind me of the Buffalo-Bill-dances-naked-in-front-of-the-video-camera scene in Silence of the Lambs? Eww.

  2. Sometimes it’s better not to know about these things! UGH!!!!!

  3. Don’t give Skippy and Moochelle any ideas. The nation is embarrassed enough as it is.

  4. There might be a new answer to ‘What does a highlander
    wear under his kilt’

  5. Fugly and creepy!

  6. I “thank you” Dr. Eowyn for this post because it made me laugh so hard I had to hobble to the bathroom! I love the “piece of tird” upon the head of this individual. Clearly, this memorializes the fact that anything goes in the world, just what the devil would want, many penis (wow, how to pluralize the word, penis?) to once again show off one’slust and the supreme idiocy in this regard of the human race. These designers get the all around award for UGLY! We need the gendarme to come out and hospitalize anyone who wears penis garb!

  7. stupid, ugly, in extremely bad taste, both the clothing and models, looks like they were beaten with a number 10 ugly stick.

  8. So penis clothes are A-OK but we have to hide the Ten Commandments from public view…sheesh. Lemme outta here. I don’t know which is worse, somebody wearing a penis outfit or the naked female at the hardware store. The People Of WalMart are starting to look like fashion icons.

  9. Ok I’m baa-aa-aack…

  10. i imagine moocowchelle is just waiting for a chance to wear these (fashions) couldn’t think of a word in the english language that describes this crap. i don’t think the word has been formed yet that best suits the outrageousness but i can imagine barack the dog eater and his dip shit wife styling to some function wearing his and hers penis pants

  11. Both Pres Obama and his wife Moocowchelle should wear the Thurd Hats. They would then be complete. Serious, the Penis Leggings would be OK as pajamas. Someone should design Leggings showing women’s sexie body parts. Both Leggings strickly for the bedroom of course.

  12. “in the bedroom” i prefer the traditional “frilly, lacy and easy to remove” things on my wife. things that make her feel pretty, attractive and desireable.

  13. It is to my understanding that a pair of trousers like these are gotten via a coupon in every pack of Viagra.

  14. I am disappointed in your post. I expected a higher standard from you.
    Not to worry. I know how to unsubscribe and how to spam.

    • A higher standard? How about one from the designer?
      Just reporting what is happening in our world. It’s not always pretty.

    • Wow, V Hersey, your very first comment is a goodbye! Gosh, you hurt my feelings! Sniff, sniff. LOL
      Byee! It was good NOT knowing you!
      I had made a decision at FOTM’s inception on December 23, 2009, that this blog will remain non-commercial for this simple reason: I want our writers to speak the truth, unimpeded by fears of offending ad sponsors. And that is why I laugh whenever some drive-by troll or an outraged reader goes into a hissy fit and threatens that he or she will no longer read FOTM. That threat is an empty one because it makes no difference to us: FOTM doesn’t live or die by how many hits we get. So if someone goes into a snit and threatens to forever leave FOTM, it’s not our loss. The loss is wholly yours!

    • @ v hersey,


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