Pelosi’s daughter on her mom: “She’ll cut your head off and you won’t even know you’re bleeding”

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Scroll ahead to 6:57 mark.

Alexandra Pelosi said this after first starting out her segment by saying that in DC “you need to make friends.”

File this away for the next time the Left complains about “violent rhetoric.”


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16 responses to “Pelosi’s daughter on her mom: “She’ll cut your head off and you won’t even know you’re bleeding”

  1. How chilling.
    Daughters know their mothers.
    We should be duly forewarned.

  2. On Fox & Friends today one of the people discussing this violent statement asked, “Does she think this is a good thing?”

    It reminds me of the statement, “We have our boot on their neck,” used by Obama’s people. Such words reveal their true nature. As Jesus said, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”

    • Pretty sure, Trail, she meant this as as a good comment on her mom….she, like her mom, just has no basic understanding of the electorate out there to see that many of us would see this as a startling NEGATIVE, instead of a compliment.

      I was born on a PA dairy farm….but finished growing up from Jr Hi, just across the line in MD….when Nancy’s Delassandro dad was the “boss” of Baltimore (1960’s—coinciding with the 100th observances of the Civil War) B/c it was a “weird” departure for me, even at a young age, I DO remember his penchant for putting up remembrances of the Confederacy (MD was a border, slave-owning state that voted to secede, but, in order to avoid the capital of the USA being surrounded by seceded Confederate States, was garrisoned by Lincoln before state and county/city officials could manage it….for instance, the officials of the MD town in which I spent my pre-teens were jailed & held without “habeus corpus” for months by Union troops. Also, during the 1860’s pre-war and war-time USA, Baltimore was the most dangerous place for anyone espousing the NEW Republican party, including Lincoln, who had to pass through via train on his way to take office in his first term)—thus is the Democratic family and political heritage of Nancy Delessandro Pelosi. She grew up in the “Little Italy” section of Baltimore, her family settling there years after the Civil War…BUT, in adopting the politics of the post-Civil War Democrats…they climbed into a nearly 100-year dominance of the post-War resistance to the Republicans. Since we know where she came from now, we know where she is going. She’s an old time Dem “mob boss” and well-schooled by her heritage and familial teachings.

      • Addendum—-it’s worse than I confusingly stated….please forgive me for a lapse in qualifying (once I re-read)….I don’t mean to confuse people: Nancy Pelosi’s Delassandro (De’Alessandro) father was boss/mayer of Baltimore up to 1959….but her BROTHER was mayer up into late 60’s/early 70 etc. Geeze Louiseee…it’s sort of like the Browns of CA, and turned out about the same for the citizens of those respective states…..For sure, this is a family, like the Kennedy family, that builds & bases their worth on generational political power in local, state, and national stages. By far, Nancy De’Alessandro Pelosi, has built up the most impressive NATIONAL political power of all of her family.

  3. Cold hearted woman, she’s all about Nasty Nancy, as everything is she’ll come to an end after completing her sinister purposes of destroying our country and defeating Donald Trump, and POTUS will make her time a living hell defeating Medusa of the modern mythology.

    • People underestimate POTUS. He put Smut Romney right where he belongs, Trump: If Mitt Romney Fought Against Obama The Way He Fights Me, He Would Have Won Election. Damn right, Mr. President, Had he won, the first negro President wouldn’t have been a millionaire and today he would be recruiting down the south side of Chicago. Say, Smut Romney, you have been outsmarted, YOU ARE A HYPOCRIT.

  4. Bimbos those three. Flash in the pan. When they get to work the old guys will eat them for lunch. If they don’t toe pelosikie’s line they’ll be toast. The first thing these dems did upon winning their seat in the house was to declare war on the President. Now that they’re going to Washington Mr. Trump has thrown down the gauntlet. Dems will call it a crisis, Mr. Trump unfit to be president & try to use the 25th amendment
    ( ) to remove him which will ultimately fail too. The house will get nowhere as long as Mr. Trump is POTUS.

    Trump Card. Republicans have the Senate. The Senate appoints Supreme Court Judges. Ruth Buzzy Ginsburg has one foot in the grave and one on a banana peel and if she does then Mr. Trump will chose her replacement. The left/deep state have tried their damnedest to remove Mr Trump from office but nothing seems to work. And they’ll keep trying. Hopefully the rest of the libatard SCJs will get fed up and quit. *wishfull thinking.

  5. CogitoErgoSumantra

    I only made it 34sec in before losing my lunch.
    So who’s the ugly tranny dude with the squirrely glasses? Let me guess, he’s Pelosi’s “daughter”, right? And the reason she set the LGBTQ agenda for Democrats?

  6. I have spilled my guts on Nancy Pelosi before.
    Now comes her daughter.
    God Help Us.

    In psychology there is a cognitive bias called the Dunning-Kruger Effect, whereby one affected has the estimation of her abilities far beyond what they truly are. Howard Cosell would call it “becoming a legend in one’s own mind.” I would call it “having delusions of adequacy.”

    This is the Left today: Having delusions of adequacy, they’re getting too big for their own britches.

    We cannot talk to these people; They will not be talked to.
    We cannot take them down some alley and beat them with lead pipes—no alleys and no pipes! (sarcasm!)

    So we’re in a state of deadlock. Where do we go from here?

    First things first.
    President Trump: Nancy Pelosi says that your impeachment is “on the table.” DON’T GET CONVICTED.

    In the meantime, let us understand that despite this state of deadlock, we’re in for a quickening, a period whereby more will happen in one year than has happened in the past 20, or maybe even 50. So let these Dunning-Kruger morons stay where they are—We have to get ahead.

    Hopefully, in the next life, Nancy Pelosi and her ilk will be promoted to CIRCUS DUNKING CLOWNS. (no sarcasm!)

  7. She’s almost as “homely” as her Mom,and is just as ignorant and insane.

  8. Captain America

    I think Nancy was “Miss Lube and Oil, 1948”, or something like that. So, the husband must be a Trog to have produced half of this fugly daughter. Maybe Webb Hubble struck again.

  9. Kevin J Lankford

    Apparently just too stupid to be ashamed of er ma…

  10. Nobody in their right mind would want Nasty Nancy to represent them. I have NEVER spoken to ANYONE who liked her:

  11. Her grandfather loved placing Confederate statues up in Baltimore. On another note, what medical condition would account for “face-lift” Nancy’s constant mouth & tongue movements? Something going on there.

  12. Pelosi, a Catholic in name only, has other loyalties.

    • Her father, who loved Confederate Statues, was an early supporter of the Mason’s Zionist plans to create the fake state of Israel. I read in the AshkeNazi Forward years ago, how she knew the Masonic pledge of allegiance to the zionist fake state of Israel, by HEART! On another note, she is a strong supporter of using US tax slave debt bondage Federal Reserve monopoly money to pay for border walls in Israel, but not for the US.


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