Pelosi Upset With Pro-Life Catholics for Having a Conscience

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This would be funny if it weren’t so grotesque.
Congresswoman and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif), who claims to be a Catholic, blasted pro-life Catholics and derided their opposition to abortion as “this conscience thing.”
Kathleen Gilbert reports for LifeSiteNews, Nov. 22, 2011, that during a debate in the House last month over a bill (the Protect Life Act) to stop Obamacare’s funding of abortions and to strengthen conscience rights on abortion, Pelosi described the bill as “savage,” claiming that it would allow doctors to let women “die on the floor” because they could refuse to perform an abortion.
In remarks to the Washington Post, Pelosi, who says she is Catholic, defended her statements against the Protect Life Act: “I’m a devout Catholic and I honor my faith and love it … but they [pro-lifers] have this conscience thing….”
Yes, indeed, Pelosi. A conscience is such an inconvenient thing. It actually stops us from doing bad things, like lies, theft, rape, and murder.
Gosh, life would be so much better if we can all just adopt as our motto “Do As Thou Wilt.”
But isn’t that the motto of occultist Satanist Aleister Crowley and the Church of Satan? Hmmm….

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5 responses to “Pelosi Upset With Pro-Life Catholics for Having a Conscience

  1. But you can be sure her constituents will vote to send her right back to DC next November.
    What a bunch of idiots.

  2. Nancy Pelosi represents all that is evil in mankind. She’s a sociopath lacking empathy or compassion for others. She’s as narcissistic and cold as the dictator-in-chief. She truly gives me the creeps.

  3. Just disgusting…

  4. Here is another individual who is the “near occasion of sin” for me. This one makes me sick. I really cannot even look at her. Ms. Pelosi ought to look up her position on abortion in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and more specifically, the section on automatic excommunication! God, please give us strength!

  5. Oh, being Catholic except for those pesky moral teachings (especially about the sanctity of life)… when’s she getting excommunicated?


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