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0 responses to “Peekaboo

  1. Is that your Kitty Doc? How freakin cute is he? Oh my gosh…adorable! I’m a cat person we have a couple! 🙂 Luv it!

  2. For a minute I thought you’d captured a mogwai……

  3. It looks like he is surveying his kingdom!

  4. he looks like “not right now,ok?”

  5. What a handsome boy!

  6. I’d agree with Gordo…flashes hurt sensitive eyes 🙂
    but now you have to share a picture…
    although I can’t imagine a cuter fellow than Peekaboo…
    sniffin’ those flowers ? Love the highlights in the ears ,lol’s.

  7. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this very cute picture! Please give him a kiss from his auntie! Please also tell him that he is a “handsome chap!”

  8. Love the photo! Makes me itch to do a little video— lol!

  9. So precious. My cat is part feral and not quite so loveable or cute, but I love her anyway.

  10. ah luvs dem kittehhhhhs


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