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Can you spot a kitty in this pic?


Insatiably curious, here he is again, watching me shampoo my hair.  LOL


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7 responses to “Peekaboo

  1. Best thing for a broken heart is a new baby.

    Congratulations. He will fill your heart with joy!

    • Thank you, May, Judy, and sage.

      He does fill my heart with joy. He purrs the instant I touch him and even falls asleep in my arms. He also makes me laugh — better than 10 psychiatrists put together.

      God is indeed kind…and amazing.

  2. ADORABLE!!! Living example of warm and fuzzy. 🙂

  3. he is such a cutie!

  4. How adorable–you just have to love him!

  5. lowtechgrannie

    What a sweetheart! Is there anything on earth more adorable than a kitten? What’s his name?

  6. ah, cute kitty!


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