Peak TDS: Hollyweird actress considered giving her baby to Canada after President Trump’s election

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Hey Amber…”powerful” women can cope with reality!

From Fox News: Amber Tamblyn shared her grim-sounding story from the 2016 presidential election as well as the impact the aftermath had on her as an expectant mother. The star revealed that she had brief thoughts of having to give her child away to Canada or Sweden in the wake of Donald Trump’s election.

The 35-year-old actress, who got her start on the soap opera “General Hospital,” spoke at Vulture Fest’s “Feminist AF” reading series where she shared an essay about her experience at the Javits Center with fellow celebrities Amy Schumer and America Ferrera at what would have been Hillary Clinton’s victory announcement.

“I swigged some more Zantac, and my baby shoved her foot into my ribs, as if to foreshadow the paint that was yet to come,” Tamblyn said (via The Hollywood Reporter).

She went on to describe in her essay the moment that Clinton’s director of strategic communications informed attendees that she would not be speaking that night.

“A dark realization swallowed me: I was going to bring a baby into this world. And not just any baby: a girl,” she said, revealing that’s when she had the thought about having to give her daughter away to Canadians or Swedes to save her from whatever perceived horrors she saw upcoming in Donald Trump’s presidency.

Later in the essay, she described collapsing on the subway station stairs the following day after experiencing shortness of breath. It turned out that she was just having a panic attack. Fortunately, the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” actress gave birth to her daughter Marlow with her husband, “Arrested Development” actor David Cross. They shared images of the newborn in March of 2017.

“Somehow my wife gave birth to a 55-year-old furrier from Crown Heights. I’m investigating,” Cross wrote on Instagram at the time.


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15 responses to “Peak TDS: Hollyweird actress considered giving her baby to Canada after President Trump’s election

  1. The Left really are insane.
    I will make sure I never ever watch anything Amber Tamblyn is in.

    • How would that work? Does she just go to Canada and say to the first person she meets on the street, “here, take my baby”? I pity this child.

  2. She should have not been able to conceive.

  3. Bad e-coli outbreak from consuming Romain lettuce, CDC has advice to throw it away, 32 people in 11 states gravely I’ll, THROW IT AWAY, serious alert! Just in the news.

  4. What’s weird about this? She’s a “Hollow Wood Wannabe, who needs her 15 minutes of fame. Go to Canada and never darken a doorstep in the United States again. You will not be missed.

  5. Sweden? She must have never read the book “The New Totalitarians” where there is NO Freedom and, Swedish Gov’t creates immigrant teaching sex videos and also gives classes for immigrants to pick up on and then have sex with blondes.
    The video is out there and, is not hard to find.

    • I can’t imagine any responsible parent even considering sending their innocent little baby to Sweden considering the extremely high rate of rapes with death being committed there by Somalis and others.

    • Consider that they don’t live in the real world. To her “Sweden” is a land of Marxist free stuff peopled by blond unicorns. The weightiest decision she makes routinely is how long to lie on what side in a tanning booth.

  6. It may have been better for the child to do so, though Canada is messed up too. Possibly there could have been good parents to raise the child.

  7. If she had such serious concerns why didn’t she move and take her baby with her. Sounds like she was looking for a way out or excuse for not being a parent. She was been dipping her toe in for awhile now being a far left nutso.

  8. Why do these stupid bitches think they are so important that they have to dump every fanny-fart they have onto social media? Why do they get mainstream media coverage for every stupid thing they come out with?

  9. So….who “sends their baby off to” another country without accompanying them??????? In our collective experience recently….ONLY parents of children from south of our border….to USE them for political/legal personal gains/take advantage of our lax “immigration” laws. This woman, like those others from our Southern neighbors, has the morals of a freakin’ alley cat “mother.” I can attest that, when my children were expected/born…I NEVER FOR AN INSTANT worried or thought about politics of ANY KIND. They were and are NOT NEGOTIABLE /USABLE POLITICAL “ITEM” or “STATEMENT.” This is a SAD SAD time in our history when parents/women use their progeny as political “chips.”

  10. @Jim Campbell
    Our immigration rates to Canada are already too high. She can stay where she is.

  11. I will help that mother pack!


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