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Entrepreneur (noun): One who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise. (Merriam-Webster)
It appears Larmondo and his entire extended family are skillful entrepreneurs in ripping off U.S. taxpayers. Here’s a list of the “entrepreneurs”:


His Companion: Kawanner Armstrong
At the tender age of 25, Larmondo had 9 children:

3 sons:

  1. Christian Allen
  2. Kwan Allen
  3. Larmondo Allen, Jr.

6 daughters:

  1. Deidra Allen
  2. Larmenshell Allen
  3. Lamonshea Allen
  4. Larmomdriel Allen
  5. Larmerja Allen
  6. Korevell Allen
Larmondo’s parents:

  • His Father: Burnell Thompson
  • His Mother: Esther Allen
  • His Stepfather : Bruce Gordy
Larmondo’s brothers:

  1. Burnell Thompson
  2. Edgar Thompson
  3. Wil Willis
  4. Danta Edwards
  5. Reshe Edwards
  6. Mattnell Allen
  7. Burnell Allen
  8. Lester Allen
Larmondo’s sisters:

  1. Shannail Craig
  2. Lekiksha Thompson
  3. Gwendolyn Carter
  4. Jessica Willis
  5. Katina Gordy
Larmondo’s grandparents:

  1. Delors Allen
  2. J.C. Allen
  3. Anna Laura Thompson
  4. Will Thompson

The New Orleans Police Department’s Press Release of February 8, 2004 says that Larmondo was one of two men murdered shortly before 11:00 p.m., at 2339 Martin Luther King Boulevard (Guste Public Housing Development), New Orleans. The other victim was identified as 22-year-old Edward Taylor.  Both men were convicted felons. In May of 2003 Allen was arrested on two (2) counts of attempted murder and one count of First Degree Murder. In December and October of 1999, he was arrested on two separate First Degree Murder cases.
An anonymous e-mail had this comment on Larmondo’s obituary:

It took me a couple of minutes to get it, but imagine. He’s 25 and has 3 sons and 6 daughters. NINE welfare recipients collecting $1500 each. That equals $13,500 a month!  Now add food stamps, free medical, free school lunches, on and on and on. Now that, to me, is a real Entrepreneur.

With the death of Allen, they will collect Social Security until they are 18! Do the math, that’s over $156,000 a year. Anybody out there sittin’ on their behinds while reading this message making that kind of money?

And people wonder what is wrong with this country….

H/t beloved fellows May & Doc’s wife.

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0 responses to “PC Obituary of the Year

  1. lowtechgrannie

    This doesn’t even address his 13 siblings and how many children they have. The number is staggering!
    I saw a PBS documentary a few years ago about a Somali refugee family on welfare in Atlanta. The family had a teenage daughter, grade school son and a toddler. The father was unemployed, but trying to find work. When the toddler reached 2 years old, they were informed the mother would have to get a job. The Atlanta welfare office advised them that if they had another baby, the mother would be able to stay home until that child was 2 years old.

  2. LOL – What was he trying to do? Start his own country?

  3. I’m sure Bambi would be quite proud of him…at least he didn’t abort any of his problems. /

  4. the whole stinking welfare system should be aborted…. it should only be a safety net for those families who have lost a job or some medical emergency not used as a lifestyle… end it now career welfare abusers should be aborted if you can abort a fetus why not a useless good for nothing adult…

  5. Hope & Change workin’ for some… vote Demo-rat if you like that.

  6. Oh, good grief… (Seriously, that’s all I can utter. WT…?)

  7. Blacks are like Rabbits.There must be stopped haeing these little rabbits. In a way it is good he pasesd way. . Blacks need there own country ,Social Security. Have a wall around their black country.You cannot teach them anything. One thing is the “English” language. “POOLICE”, Really!!!!
    Taxpayers are tired of supporting black and hispanics. Need a government that will change thisout of control system.Where are you Congressman?????

    • Charles,
      Not all Blacks and Hispanics are on welfare. There are also White multi-generational welfare recipients. The problem is not skin color. The problem is our welfare state that breeds personal irresponsibility, immorality (because behaviors no longer have consequences), and dependency. The latter, in turn, leads to the underclass’ psychological defense mechanism of an arrogant sense of entitlement — “I’m not beholding to anyone. You owe it to me!”
      Your attitude really doesn’t help, but contributes to the Left’s demonization of Conservatives.

      • Thanks for clarifying that racism is bad for this man. Now if you could address the racism in assuming this man was even on welfare since it never mentioned that in the obit. Or the assumption by others that his entrepreneurship involved drug dealing when studies have shown that there is no greater use of drugs in the welfare population than the non-welfare population. Then there’s the part where it never confirms that his companion was the mother of all of those children, meaning that the welfare would not be distributed to a single parent. Also since they aren’t married, he wasn’t seeing a dime of that welfare, nor will his children receive social security after his death because their father was not the primary care-giver. Also, as I’ve said elsewhere (to other people who linked to this article) a single example does not in any way prove a case. Even if the circumstances concluded by that anonymous email were true, they cannot be generalized to all welfare recipients.
        The whole conclusion is based on assumptions for which no evidence was provided to back up, yet people draw conclusions about the entire economic structure of the country based on that. No one has proved any point from this. Normally, I’d be content to let bloggers be bloggers. You’re entitled to your thoughts, however flawed I believe they are. My issue is that people are now linking to this erroneous post as evidence to back up their claims of “what’s wrong with this country.” Nowhere in your post did you note that the e-mailer’s deduction was hypothetical or inference. Please in the future make note of that instead of just posting an anonymous email and letting it’s claims be interpreted as fact. Thank you.


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