Paul Volcker Speaking at Soros Event: Let's Reform Global Finance

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Media Research Center in March highlighted two little-known conferences, organized by George Soros, to discuss global reform and the future of international finance.
Although the conferences featured speeches from dozens of influential professors, editors, and politicians, MRC predicted the mainstream media would ignore it – and ignore it they basically did.

Left-of-center rag Politico took the time to report that former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D – CA) was absent from government shutdown negotiations because she had a more pressing appointment in Boston… and yet stopped short of admitting it was a Soros event.
Although videos of the conferences are posted online, the media continue to pretend that most of them don’t exist, so it’s no surprise most Americans don’t know anything about them. If you’re interested in watching the entire series on international finance, look here.
Of particular interest is this hour-long panel discussion between former Fed chairman Paul Volcker and George Soros. Volcker expresses optimism that French president Sarkozy – a fast emerging power player on the world stage – is interested in changing international monetary structure.

What would the new system look like? If left up to some of the panelists, this new world ord… ah… new global structure… will have less national sovereignty and more, you know, globally stuff:

Isn’t this great how university professors, hedge fund owners, finance media editors, and Federal Reserve alumni can meet at a conference to plan the future of “organized” and “disciplined” international banking, and the media don’t think you’re interested in seeing it?
The collective yawn from the American public has undoubtedly been the reaction Soros was hoping for. With the cat now safely out of the bag, the real planning can begin.

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0 responses to “Paul Volcker Speaking at Soros Event: Let's Reform Global Finance

  1. you know what ticks me off,no news outlets speaks of this on tv. Soros,is the evil head of the snake,nothing short of Napalm,would have been sufficient for this conference. He is leading the charge to NWO,for the United States,he needs to be tried,prosecuted and hung along with ALL of his followers. Put all of his money towards our National Debt!!!!!

    • Candance Moore

      The other day I was discussing this with a liberal. I asked how he was fine with a hedge fund manager sucking billions out of Wall Street. His response was that being a rich tycoon was fine as long as it was someone on his side.

  2. That’s why Main Stream Media (MSM) is really a misnomer. It should more correctly be called the State Controlled Media (SCM) or the Willing Accomplices Media (WAM).
    I’m beginning to think all that The Powers That Be (TPTB) that conspiracy theorists say really is true, just as I discovered for myself that the UN indeed is infested with New Age occultists. The best way for all these truths to be discredited is for the WAM to paint them as looney bins — which is exactly how those of us who simply want the truth about Obama’s birth eligibility are being portrayed.
    But we know we’re not crazy. In fact, poll after poll show the majority of Americans are now Birthers. The truth will out.


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