Paul Ryan Explains Budget Proposals to PBS News

In case you missed it, on 4/5/2011 PBS News, Judy Woodruff interviewed Paul Ryan about the Republican Budget Proposals.  She went into it in adversarial mode.  In my opinion, he did a fantastic job in explaining the common sense the Republicans have in mind.  
I especially like the Medicare plan.  It makes sense, is more cost effect and will  deliver better medical care.   We had exactly what he’s describing when my husband was a federal employee.  We were offered our choice of about 20 different providers so we got exactly what our family needed.  Our share of the premium was a payroll deduction and we dealt directly with the private insurance company.  Congress did not have say-so in our coverage, which is just as it should be!

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9 years ago

I like how clearly he explains himself and the plan proposed. Is it only my perception, or is that a breath of fresh air called common sense?