Paul McCartney Upset With Obama Critics

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McCartney dissolves into a puddle before The One, proving there's no fool like an old white fool.

What is it with “entertainers” — actors, musicians, or just those famous for being famous? Why do they persist in opening their mouths to pontificate to the rest of us plebians on matters they know nothing about?
Former Beatle Paul McCartney, the musician, now fancies himself a political expert. Still a British citizen, McCartney is neither a citizen nor resident of the United States, but he knows better than the American people and is telling us what we ought to be doing.
Considering his disastrous mistake in his selection as spouse of the universally loathed Heather Mills, whom he divorced — at a cost of $46.7 million! — after 6 years of marriage, McCartney is no great judge of character. That hasn’t stopped him from pronouncing, as reported by the AP’s Daniel Macht yesterday (June 2, 2010), that he thinks Obama’s “a great guy” who’s “doing great,” and wants critics of Obama to “lay off him.”

Oh, by the way, McCartney is this year’s recipient of the Library of Congress’s Gershwin Prize for Popular song and performed at the White House Wednesday evening. Speaking at a press conference in Washington ahead of the event, McCartney, who will be 68 later this month, said he planned to “try to have fun” but is in such awe as “a big fan” of The One, that he predicted a case of the nerves when performing “like, three feet away” from Obama.

Someone bring me a barf bag, please!
Here’s McCartney taking a gratuitous swipe at former President George W. Bush:


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0 responses to “Paul McCartney Upset With Obama Critics

  1. I do think there will be alot of movie stars,ect.. that will pay dearly for opening their mouths. I know I for one have disowned,Tom Hanks,Matt Damon,Danny Glover for a few,and its to bad. They have spilled their guts and they are unamerican-the price you have to pay. but thanks for letting us know.

    • Same here!
      In McCartney’s case, I’ve never bought any of his post-Beatle music, so I wouldn’t even have to actively boycott his wares! LOL

  2. I have to say this! Why? can’t the fraud keep his hands off of people, mainly men? He is always touchy feely.

  3. I fell in love with Paul McCartney when I was in the seventh grade, and the Beatles landed in America. Now he looks like an old, old man who has had way too much plastic surgery!!! He has some nerve coming here and giving his opinion about our president. GO HOME OLD MAN and do not return.

  4. Yeah, I’m going lay off cuz you say so Paul…NOT. Good grief, some people are so full of themselves (guess that’s why he likes The Traitor so much)!

  5. That’s not even the real Paul, sans the plastic surgery. Prove to me it is……….

  6. Dear Burt,this was just on fox news a few minutes ago! but let me guess you don’t watch fox. Well,I don’t blame you, since they are Saudi owned anymore,but places like fellowship of the minds will give you trusted,verified news. The truth,which is something we all want right?

  7. Paul was always the most sensible of the Beatles, but that’s not saying much (they were really an over-rated boy band, like New Kids on the Block or Nysnc, anyway… but the hype lives on). (Ah, yes, sacrilege from the Gen X heretic for you Baby Boomers out there, I know.)

  8. Yes, give me a barf bag please! While Paul is serenading, “Michelle, ma belle,” the people in Louisiana are suffering, the wildlife is dying and HE JUST DOESN’T GET IT!!!! This IS A CRISIS!!!!! Take your concerts and shove them where the sun don’t shine!

    • Agree. He should stick to singing songs inspired by Linda (there he made sense).

    • Paul’s kids voiced their opinions ov er Heather Mills and her gold-digging. Maybe now they should have him evaluated for senile dementia and put him on Numenda to help with reality. Maybe a nursing home is in order.

  9. Joan,he is just so disgusting, he is Kenyan, he does not have what it takes to run the United States, just soooo incompetent. But he is a top notch community organizer.

  10. Tina and Anonymous, I have found that I cannot even look at him because he makes me literally ill. He has had that effect upon me the day I first saw him! His soul shows through those eyes….If he had a conscience, he would be solving the Gulf problem with all of the energy and savvy of brilliant people in the oil and gas industry, as well as the oceanic industry, and so on, and so forth, giving orders and getting things done!!!! Frankly, I couldn’t sleep at all if I knew there was such suffering and I had the capacity to do something about it and did nothing.

  11. Hey sir old chump,
    We know your handlers sent ya…. now take some of the tar covered death with back to her hindass…
    Notice the times they use to make to point….I wonder if anybody else will catch this… notice they use 11 but use the word ‘nine’ to hide the 911 reference. and the maypole day reference, too.
    “… On May 1, 11 days after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, and nine days after oil began spilling into the Gulf, …”

  12. This man is being honored and praised by a nation not his own. In the very place and in front of the very people which represent this nation and its government, he dares to wax political and dares to insult one of our Presidents.
    What a scumbag.

  13. It was a cheap-shot Bush insult that the Left is famous for. The evening just wouldn’t have been complete without it, ya know.
    “At the very close of the event after Obama had left the room, McCartney took the mic again and thanked the Library of Congress again for the award. He then said, ‘After the last eight years, it’s great to have a president who knows what a library is.'”

  14. “They were really an over-rated boy band…..”
    Yeah, kinda like air is overrated…..

    • Well, okay, the Beatles could sing way better than Backstreet Boys, N’Sync or New Kids on the Block… but they were still a boy band.

  15. “But they were still a boy band”
    That is correct, they were not gerbils……

  16. Typical Americans getting upset over nothing, same small minded people who burnt Beatle records for the jesus comment by the late great John Lennon, wayyyyyyyyyyyy to go Macca, freedom of speech only hurts halfwits who dont know the true meaning of the word FREEDOM.

  17. In my book he was nothing more than a dumb drug addict from Europe. Sorry Beatle lovers. They might have been good singers- better than me and I’m sure they made a lot of money off of America, but none of them was greater than Jesus, individually, or as a group.
    Now Sir Paul is nothing more than a has been drug addict dissing the US Conservatives and Kissing the ass of a worthless president.

  18. I felt sorry for paul when his wife took him on a ride of a lifetime. now I am happy for her because paul: you deserve it! You are so stupid: Bush is a great reader! 8 books a week!!!
    You have a lot of nerves!
    Get the hell out of America and fast and never come back!!! you idiot!


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