Patriots call to action

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~Steve~                                  H/T Miss Tina.
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0 responses to “Patriots call to action

  1. God bless all you patriots. Amen

  2. We as veterans need to take action in force, to let the usurpers know we mean business and not just all talk.

  3. I’ll Salute to that! Time to walk the talk… Enough is enough… 😉

  4. Oath to defend the Constitution doesn’t have an expiration date…

  5. God Bless Our Veterans!
    Veterans and Patriots looking to take America Back might want to look beyond the Political Party System!..Yes I know We have All been Brain-Washed to Believe that The Only Way to Change Government is to Vote for the Opposition Party! But That Choice Only leads to farther Government Control and Bigger Government!..At No Time, in the Last 100 Years, has Government Been Reduced in Size and Scope; By Either Party!
    George Washington warned America Not to Let Political Parties Into Our Representative Republic in His Farewell Address; paragraphs 20-25…He Also Warned What Would Happen To America, If We Did!
    “Today We Reaping The Sown Seeds Of Washington’s Ignored Warnings!”

  6. please see or Major General Paul Vallely,read “National Call to Action”


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