Patrick Henry Hughes and His Father

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0 responses to “Patrick Henry Hughes and His Father

  1. What an inspiration however…I don’t believe for one minute that GOD made him this way. It is only the enemy that attacks us with bad things and the Lord gives us the strength to overcome all obstacles…for HIS GLORY!

    • Why do we have to assume that Patrick is somehow damaged or defective? He is just different.

  2. I have two daughters and a son, Robbie, born between the girls. It was 3.5 yrs before we got a correct diagnosis and learned that he was “profoundly deaf”, which finally explained why he wasn’t speaking or learning as he should be for his age. We were told we should learn sign language and teach him, as he would never get better.
    My wife and I refused to accept this, so she primarily took on the challenges of getting him to respond to the world around him. He wore a chest-type battery pack and dual aids, and soon was “normal” in his classes and development. If he saw your mouth moving when you were speaking, he could read lips and reply fast enough that you’d never know he couldn’t hear you.
    Taller, stronger, and better coordinated than average, he learned several sports and excelled in all of them. His peripheral vision is far wider than normal, as is his acuity, so he became our eyes and we learned to trust him when he said he saw something and we couldn’t. In college he also did very well and graduated in Forestry and Electronics, combining two loves into a career in wildlife and forestry management.
    While we have yet to learn if he will pass on the genetic defect[s] he inherited from my side, we can only “wait and see” how that goes, should he decide to have children w/Beth, his one and only true love.
    Although my wife, before she met me, had an abortion because she “knew the man she was with would not be a good father”, when she became pregnant w/our last child, daughter Melinda, we never considered abortion, though the BC medical services warned us that our chance of having a Downs Syndrome baby at her age and my genetic history was high. By this time Robbin was seven and quite normal, so we felt OK in going ahead.
    Melinda was perfectly normal, and all three of my children are healthy and have good, productive lives. We must not accept medical science’s words as the same as God’s words, for in all cases and at all times, it is God and Heaven that do it all: doctors are only the shepherds of His flocks.

    • Wow. What an interesting narrative about your son and wife. Your children are most blessed to have such parents as you and wife!

  3. God gave this young man great gifts. God bless him. And what a dad! He’s awesome too.

  4. And yet so many of us whine and bitch and moan about our problems, which are so puny compared to those of this amazing young man. What an inspiration he and his amazing dad are!


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