Patrick Henry Hughes and His Father


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Patriot Angel
Patriot Angel

What an inspiration however…I don’t believe for one minute that GOD made him this way. It is only the enemy that attacks us with bad things and the Lord gives us the strength to overcome all obstacles…for HIS GLORY!


I have two daughters and a son, Robbie, born between the girls. It was 3.5 yrs before we got a correct diagnosis and learned that he was “profoundly deaf”, which finally explained why he wasn’t speaking or learning as he should be for his age. We were told we should learn sign language and teach him, as he would never get better. My wife and I refused to accept this, so she primarily took on the challenges of getting him to respond to the world around him. He wore a chest-type battery pack and dual aids, and soon was “normal”… Read more »


God gave this young man great gifts. God bless him. And what a dad! He’s awesome too.

Dr. Eowyn

And yet so many of us whine and bitch and moan about our problems, which are so puny compared to those of this amazing young man. What an inspiration he and his amazing dad are!