Pat Robertson: Divorcing Alzheimer's-Afflicted Spouse Okay

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I got this in an email last night, and could not believe what I was hearing.
LOL – I have long thought Mr. Robertson had finally managed to go over the wall, but this time, I am not sure he is coming back.
For those of you who may not know, I have a parent suffering from this hideous, totally debilitating disease, and it has progressed to the point that they can no-longer do anything for themselves – and I mean anything.
Alzheimer’s is a very difficult thing for a family to deal with, and this is the second time in my life it has touched my family.
In neither case was divorce even considered by the unaffected spouse.
Besides, I seem to recall a part of the marriage vows having something to do with, “…in sickness and in health…”
I am certainly no Biblical scholar, but that doesn’t exactly sound to me like God is granting permission to just up and dump your Alzheimer’s-afflicted spouse.
Has Robertson fallen off his rocker again?
What do you think?

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0 responses to “Pat Robertson: Divorcing Alzheimer's-Afflicted Spouse Okay

  1. I think Robertson has finally jumped the shark. Won’t it be the height of irony if we find out later that he is the early stage of Alzheimer’s?

  2. He’s soooooo wrong on this. He said it’s “like a death” so ok to divorce. Um, would you “divorce” your parent and abandon them? No way, no how is this appropriate.
    Sorry for what you’re dealing with Dave. Prayers your way.

    • DCG,
      Actually, I’m stuck for the duration – how ever long that turns out to be.

      • I didn’t mean to imply you should divorce your parent, Dave, if that’s what you thought…
        I know you’d do the right thing and stick through to the end.

        • DCG,
          Oh, I know. I was just agreeing that I can’t bolt.
          But I will admit sometimes I feel like it.

          • sage,
            You are human. That you continue to care for your uncle, despite those “secret thoughts” — therein lies holiness. It’s all part of the “grinding down” of our narcissistic self.
            And no matter our particular problem or suffering, nothing we endure can and will ever compare with Jesus’. He became man to show us how to be human….

          • What Eowyn said.

      • Dave–so sorry for what you are going through. This horrible disease took mine and doc’s father a few years ago. my dad was basically a vegetable for 2 years, but my mom kept him at home in their bedroom. It was extremely hard for her, but that is what marriage is about.

  3. I watched this on the 700 Club the other day and I was appalled! Where’s the Christianity in that. The person can still relate to touch at times (I worked with alzeimer’s patients. They are human beings until both the physical and the mental faculties are gone.

    • Actually, they’re human beings until they stop breathing and their hearts stop beating. It’s a tragic condition that’s all too common these days. I don’t believe it’s genetic. I think they’ll find it’s a combination of nutrition deficiencies and environmental factors.
      Did you know that people taking long-term acid-suppressing drugs develop symptoms similar to Alzheimers? The remedy is Vitamin B12 supplements. I learned that from the People’s Pharmacy.

  4. Well, if it’s “like a death” who divorces a dead person? I think he is utterly and completely wrong. “like a death” is not death. Until that person is in the grave, they are alive. God has huge blessings for those who honor the vows they made before Him. I could not imagine abandoning someone in this condition. My f-i-l and m-i-l both suffered with it. My f-i-l cared for his wife until he became too sick. He passed away and she is still alive in a nursing home. He never questioned caring for her. And this was a man who was married 3x before her!

  5. Yup. He’s getting like Newt on this.

  6. In the first place, who’s business is it anyway? If the man is going to divorce his wife because of her illness, then he is looking for an excuse to gratify his own needs. Like too many people, without a busy and active sex life, they feel they are getting cheated. My wife and I took vows in 1964 and have not strayed from those vows. If she becomes ill, in the same manner, I will take care of her until one of us dies. But, then, I took care of my father the last thirteen years of his life, until he was eighty-eight, because I loved him and he was a great Dad! I look at life as an obligation to do unto others as you would like them to do to you.

  7. u know ?. If u are deemed incompetent or made a ward of the state,he doesn’t have to pay for anything esp. the upcoming expensive medical care she is going to need.Also u can will all ur wordly goods to someone and after 1 year, be known indigent and no longer have anything in ur name.Smart move but will that get him into heaven? I hope he didn’t pack a bag.

    • “If u are deemed incompetent or made a ward of the state,he doesn’t have to pay for anything…. Also u can will all ur wordly goods to someone and after 1 year, be known indigent and no longer have anything in ur name”
      u know, capricorn? You’ve just given the recipe for bankrupting taxpayers and America. No wonder our national debt is 101% of our GDP.

  8. Sounds like old St. Pat definitely jumped the shark on this one. I’ve got one of his early books “Shout It from the Housetops,” and he was a bit of a looney tune way back then; but, as he’s gotten older, it seems to be getting much worse.

  9. Laying the problem on the taxpayers is quite selfish! Vows are vows and Robertson has gone over the top on this. Divorce is not Christian! If it were, I would remarry but my husband is still alive.You are not a widow/er until actual death of the body…not the mind.
    Dave, I sympathize. I have had Alzheimer’s touch my family as well and have worked with these patients as well. It is heartbreaking…but so are many other things in life! That is a part of life.
    Robertson gave this man the wrong advice. There could be a chance that his blood will be required at Robertson’s hands!

  10. Agree Dave! Pat has been getting weirder by the day it seems. It is really a shame, as there are many christians who look to the 700Club as a means of guidance in their lives. Meanwhile, his so-called advice makes more room for ridicule and persecution for the rest of us. Another example being those loons in Fla. who picket funerals…and all in the “name of God”…ugh…They also, however do NOT represent the true teachings of Jesus. ~Prayers to you and yours as well my friend~ 🙂

  11. Pat Robertson has a history of sticking his foot in his mouth. It wouldn’t bother me if people would stop trusting his advice.

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