Pass The Phenergan Please

No, I did not watch or listen to the inauguration of the DICK
I am one of the soon to be minority that works for a living to support a growing base of Obama voters/supporters, better known as societies freeloaders. I did listen to excerpts of his dictatorial agenda, err speech , and it was at this point that I really needed some of the strongest anti-nausea/vomiting medication available. But since there was none available, I had to choke back the bile rising in my throat.
Then I started listening to the Obama ass kissing festival from the lame stream media and I thought to myself, this is what it must have been like at the height of Hitler’s reign in Nazi Germany, with the journalists that swooned over every syllable emanating from the fuhrer’s mouth.
I fully expect that our Constitution, by the end of Obama’s 2nd term to be in tatters along with our economy, religious institutions, our military and our healthcare. By 2016 our country will be in such a state of economic ruin that I don’t believe anything or anybody will be able to turn it around.
Either pockets of civil unrest or an all out civil war is on the horizon and I fully  expect that many Americans will die in an epic struggle to take this country back from a tyrannical government, and have no doubt it will be us, the average patriotic Americans. We will be the next generation of Minute Men and Women.
What is happening in our country is the kind of script you would find in a spy or disaster novel and/or movie. The first black president elected is an habitual liar who spends trillions of dollars bailing out companies, most who go belly up and the ones that don’t, default on the loans. He changes our healthcare system into a socialist system that is doomed to failure while adding trillions more to our debt. Obama and the democrats demonize Christians, Conservatives, Caucasians and Capitalism. At the same time embracing and befriending our enemies by giving the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt 16 F-16 fighter aircraft and 200 Abrams tanks that they will undoubtably use against Israel and even us in a future conflict. He separates us along racial and economic lines, in any rational mind he is treasonous and a sociopath. This might make a great novel or movie since a happy ending could just be written in.
But this is not fantasy, it is reality. Obama’s second term will very likely mean the termination of all we hold dear….freedom, prosperity, morality and our individual rights.
Tom in NC

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So very well stated and I did not watch this big lie either. In fasct, I rarely watch TV anymore.
Well said and every word is true.

Cathy Gardino

I agree with you Tom…sadly…HOWEVER…We cannot give up…Fight harder and remove this bastard!
Today I felt good watching Hillary being dragged over a few coals and I had a wee bit of hope that anything was possible…With the gun rights being violated and religion also brought to heel, I believe America will rise, and obamao will see an American Spring that he never imagined…


Can’t believe what they gave Egypt. And the SRM covers for him. Sigh…


In 1922,Vladimir Lenin gave a speech to his SUBJECTS.In 2013,Obama gave the same speeech,to his SUBJECTS.The only difference,a little blackface,,,,


I had better things to do than waste my time on his blathering.


Did you all see Al Roker running after his limo at the parade? Pathetic the way they all fawn all over him. I just don’t get it!!!

David Bourke

When I was a young man, I listened to my belly and lived my life as a liberal. When I became middle-aged, I listened to my brain and became a conservative. When I became an old man, I listened to my heart and became a human being. William Blake held that there were only two types of politics, two types of religion, two types of men. Good and evil. Throughout our history, we have been manipulated by our real temporal rulers (not the puppet-show you participate in every four years) into fearing and hating otherness. We’re told that Muslims are… Read more »

David Bourke

That should read: “Who financed the Russian revolution to establish communism?” Incidentally, there is a human being on this planet today who made a gift to you in September 2012 that is beyond price. That gift is unlimited free power. Your government’s response to his offer was to threaten to jail any US scientist who talked or corresponded with him. The Canadian government’s response was to jail him for 11 days while he visited scientists in that country, and to forbid the publication there of any of his scientific papers. Why? So you would never hear about it. And guess… Read more »