Pass me a barf bag, please

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Inspiring America?
Those sycophants at Vogue make me ill.
The FLPOS only inspires me to throw up.
If you haven’t, please see my post of Feb. 11, “First Lady of Snot,” to see the real Michelle Obama.

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0 responses to “Pass me a barf bag, please

  1. I’d be curious to know how many hours of photoshopping went into this cover?!

  2. Inspiring? Inspiring fear. Fear of losing the once great country to a bunch of whining takers and corrupt puppet masters.
    Oh, and being droned to death.

  3. Gag….who buys this trash any way?

  4. It’s quite confusing to live in a country that’s technically free, yet has a mass media that is as obviously propagandic as Pravda, or whatever the North Koreans face each day

  5. You might want to leave a comment on the Vogue site. But heard last night is the new witchbitch nightmare ticket for 2016. Hillary and Mishy.
    Hope you have an additional barf bag ready.

  6. I really used to look forward to my monthly “Vogue” magazine, but cancelled my subscription 4 years ago and have not bought one since. I got sick and tired of reading about the lovely MOO!

    • I used to enjoy it for fashion, years ago. Then Anna had to bring in politics. I haven’t bought an issue in over 10 years.

  7. What they have “inspired” is a whole generation of young black yoots!
    Yep I said Yoots. LOL To feel empowered to take what they want. To rampage and pillage because they are entitled. They have doomed an entire generation to Jail, poverty, or violent death.
    Enough is enough. I am so sick of reading rampaging stories committed by blacks.
    Read a story yesterday (sorry no link) but the yoots were protesting because cop killed a kid. Very sad. Oh did I mention said yoot was a gang banger and pointed gun at cops. There’s no dispute there. No they
    Protested, with the obligatory rampage/pillage because
    they said they get no respect in the hood.
    Excuse the eff out of me. Put the gun down and you will get lot’s of respect.
    See what I mean, cause of the 2 scumbags in charge, they feel they can do anything without consequence.
    Millions of young black men have had their future predetermined. And it is bleak.

  8. It appears they found my lost – Mr Potato Head “Smiley Lips” I lost a few decades ago – the photoshoping isn’t all that good though – but for a wax figure it’s a real thumps up- MooShell…. never looked better – and I mean never.

  9. That maybe her face , but it is surely not her from the neck down . That woman’s got a posterior on her like a 46 Studabaker .
    The only thing these two morons could inspire me to do is to take one hell of a dump .

  10. Notice the subtle devil horn sign with the right fingers.


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