Partying for poverty: House demorats took $60k trip to South Africa for Beyoncé concert

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From MSN: Five members of the Congressional Black Caucus took a $60,000 trip to see Beyoncé and other stars perform in concert in South Africa late last year, according to congressional disclosure records.

The lawmakers were U.S. Reps. Gregory Meeks of New York, Barbara Lee of California, Bobby Rush of Illinois, Terri Sewell of Alabama and Hank Johnson of Georgia, according to the data.

They attended the “Global Citizen Mandela 100” concert Dec. 1-3 to celebrate the centenary birth of the late Nelson Mandela and raise awareness of global poverty. In addition to Beyoncé, other musical acts included her husband, Jay Z, Ed Sheeran, Pharrell Williams and Chris Martin.

The lawmakers appeared in a photo that the Rev. Al Sharpton, who also attended the event, posted on his Twitter page.

The trip was paid for by Global Citizen, a nonprofit that lobbies for anti-poverty programs around the world, the Washington Examiner reported. The group said the presence of members of Congress at the concert would “showcase America’s ongoing commitment [to] health equality and global human rights.”

Other celebrities at the event included Oprah Winfrey and “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah.

“In the spirit of Nelson Mandela, we pledge to keep working with our colleagues in Congress, across the country and across the aisle, to make sure that every child in Africa and at home has the opportunity to thrive and grow in a safe and prosperous world,” Meeks said, according to the Examiner.

“As a Sr. member of the Foreign Affairs Comm[ittee] who understands the importance of both multilateral & bilateral relations on trade & foreign policy, developing that relationship is crucial,” Meeks said when asked how the trip was related to his congressional duties.

The National Legal and Policy Center, a watchdog group, called the trip a “mockery.”

“These members of Congress that were given an all-expense paid vacation to party with Oprah, Jay Z, and Beyoncé in South Africa are claiming with a straight face this was needed to help poor children around the world live better lives,” Tom Anderson, president of the NLPC’s Government Integrity Project, told the Examiner. “This was in fact, a mockery of House ethics rules on gifts and travel, the truly poor, and all Americans that expect members of Congress to live not only by the letter of the law but by the spirit and intentions of the rules of the House of Representatives.”

A representative for Sewell said her travel “was pre-approved by the House Ethics Committee and was not paid for at taxpayer expense” and that “Rep. Sewell and several other members attended the Global Citizen Mandela 100 Festival, a platform for world leaders to speak out against racial injustice and inequity, and voice their support for international assistance for underprivileged populations.”

According to the travel itinerary, the congressional members were in South Africa for one full day and used two partial days for travel.

In January, a group of Democrats was criticized for flying to Puerto Rico for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus BOLD PAC gathering in San Juan, where they also attended a special performance of the Broadway play “Hamilton.”


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19 responses to “Partying for poverty: House demorats took $60k trip to South Africa for Beyoncé concert

  1. Outrageous.
    But the voters of these corrupt Demonrats don’t care and will re-elect every one of them.

    • Richard C Youghn

      Try to defeat Hank Johnson, there in the Peoples Republic of DeKalb County! He’d be re elected if he shot someone downtown Decatur in broad daylight in front of 500 witnesses! DeKalb has a history of electing jailbirds serving time to office! He keeps the free stuff flowing so no one cares that he’s dumb as a fence post. It’s not the first time he’s screwed them iver, and won’t be the last. They’re just dumber than he is.

  2. The term, “DemonRat,” is very fitting with this group.

  3. Hank Johnson only went to South Africa after he got guarantees that it wouldn’t tip over into the ocean.

    And Bobby Rush went because both him & JayZ are criminal thugs.

  4. Its a SNL parody of the fake sign language interpreter scandal at Communist terrorists Joe Slovo & Co’s “puppet” Nelson Mandela memorial service who was a communist/democRat fraud who sanctioned the Church St bombing

    President Obama After Mandela’s Funeral – SNL

  5. The True Story of Whites in South Africa

  6. All these people so proud of their differing heritage, african, mexican, south american, indian (with the dot, and one fake feathered), and of course ashkenazi, proclaiming diversity as a strength,…..sure make lousy U.S. citizens.

  7. I’m surprised they didn’t take Louis Farrakhan with them. Did they tour the farms they are murdering and stealing from?

    Not bad work if you can get it. It’s the ultimate “affirmative action program”.

  8. The black American politicians know how to extract the juice out of their blackness to the last drop. Just a few of them know how to retrograde “the race” to benefit themselves, and no other blacks are given the chance into that “melange” they have created. Deep inside they hate their color or they wouldn’t mix with the whites in order to have the color fade.

    • From my own experience they all know how dependent they are. They are always afraid of stepping over that invisible line that will require them to fend for themselves.

      They are easy to understand. All you have to do is ask yourself, what would it be like to see life as a big scam. Your only responsibility is to con whatever you can. They are not alone in this, but are by far the biggest practitioners.

  9. The former Rhodesia, Mozambique,SWAfrica, South Africa is the “Model” to be used via “Democracy” to destroy every white western nation they can.
    Democracy=Bolshevism/Communism =destruction & mass genocide

    “In the case of South Africa we fought the border war in the 1980’s and it does not matter how many authors were and are writing books to make it out as a racist war, to keep the system of apartheid, this is so far from the truth The Border was fought in Angola and the north of German South West Africa, now known as Namibia, against communism. Many Africans fought alongside the Boers against soulless Marxism, as they were quite aware what is in store for them when they will be under the Hammer and Sickle of Jewry.”

  10. can’t blame the republicans. none of them there.
    can’t blame whitey. none of them there.

  11. It’s too bad every last one of these parasites didn’t STAY THERE, including Beyonce! But I get the “parlor game”: They’re tripping all over themselves with their virtue-signalling, trying to prove their moral superiority to us.

    Careful, Hank Johnson: Too many people in South Africa at one time, and the continent might sink! Nyuk! Nyuk!

  12. Global Citizen says it’s about ending starvation yet it considers “gender equality” an equal goal, revealing they put politics ahead of some actual lives. They’re also all about staging these primitive music bacchanals unleashing raw animality like those angry power salutes and calls for justice that sound more like a declaration of war against whites than concern for the hungry. These are bad people with bad intentions using the world’s starving masses as stepping stones to unrestrained power. Imagine the poor, starving blacks in the shadows and not a stone’s throw from the drunken, gluttonous orgies thrown for real “victims” like Oprah and the wholly owned Black Congressional Caucus. They want to bring it on in America? Let’s pray they do, because a large majority of us are getting sick and tired of having our generosity and tolerance denounced as racism and antiSemitism.


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