Party poopers!

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Park Slope parents back ban on ice-cream trucks in Prospect Park to avoid screaming kids

NY Post:  They’re all screaming for no ice cream.  Overprotective Park Slope parents have declared war on a treasured rite of spring: an ice cream in the park.

The icy rebuke of the time-honored tradition erupted on the Park Slope Parents online group when one mother described her son’s meltdown in Prospect Park after she put the ixnay on a acksnay.
“Along with the first truly beautiful day of the year, my son and I had our first ruined day at the playground,” the poster named Sarah somberly recounted. “Two different people came into the actual playground with ice cream/Italian ice push carts. I was able to avoid it for a little while but eventually I left with a crying 4-year-old.”

Another angry mother, identified on the site as Dorothy Scanlan, chimed in.  “I should not have to fight with my children every warm day on the playground just so someone can make a living!” the poster wailed. “I too was at the 9th Street Playground on Monday, and one of the vendors just handed my 4-year-old an ice cream cone. I was furious.”

But not all parents in brownstone Brooklyn’s politically correct bastion are so hot and bothered.  “I think they’re crazy,” laughed Lynette Barenboyn, a stay-at-home mom. “In Park Slope, everybody has an opinion, and there are a lot of opinions — especially when it comes to parenting.”
One mom — who asked to remain anonymous for fear of being ostracized by other parents — said her friends want an ice-cream ban, but she disagrees.  “People just need to say no,” the mom said while with her son at Prospect Park’s aptly named Harmony Playground. “I say no to him all the time, and I feel his wrath. But he needs to hear that no.”  The mom, who also pointed out that she doesn’t feed her children kale chips, described the typical Park Slope parent as “militant.” 
Dixie Kissoon, a nanny who also took her charges to Harmony recently, wishes the worked-up moms and dads would just get a life.  “They’re obnoxious,” she said. “There’s no harm in this.”
But Sarah Schenck says just say no to frozen confections.  Schenck, a mother of two and co-founder of the eco-friendly, said statistics back her up.  “Nobody wants to be a crank, but one in three kids are going to be obese or diabetic by high school,” she said. “When my kids see other kids get ice cream, they just start begging me. I just don’t think these are the fights we should be having.
Kenny Sonders, another parent at the playground, said he thinks these are exactly the fights parents should be having. “It’s part of growing up in Brooklyn.”
Just because you can’t deal with telling you child no doesn’t mean the rest of the other parents and children should have to suffer and not partake in having ice cream.  Party poopers!!

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0 responses to “Party poopers!

  1. My oldest brother had a friend who we helped move from Park Slope many, many, many moons ago. It really is an upscale area very quiet, even traffic was freakishly quiet (by NYC standard). Heck I would never ride my bike through there. I probably would have gotten a ticket for pedaling to loud! 🙂
    We are dealing with people who have a high opinion of themselves but no control over their kids. Growing up we could not afford Ice cream and my parents made that perfectly clear and I knew it would not be in my best interest to act the fool out in public! 🙁

    • Will! Long time no see! When did you become “heavychevy”?

      • Sorry “E” my tag line from News busters account. My wordpress account started acting flaky so once I got it straight it defaulted back to my old tag. I will go back to “Will” for the sake of familiarity 🙂

  2. Ah the days when my brother and I use to skateboard/bike through prospect park. We healed up quite well after one too many “Hey, I bet you can’t do this!” maneuvers 😉

  3. Ban this. Ban that. So judgmental! [snark]

  4. What comes next, Brown Shirts and the Goose Step? Parts of America are dying over STUPID people that can’t handle their own responsibility in their own lives, they want the government to take care of everything. Part of life is all about responsibility, if you can’t handle that, then you need to check out, and go to a third world country! And NOT try to make one out of this country! Semper Fi

  5. …having a meltdown is just another opportunity to teach
    junior about self control….the other kids will help if you let them.
    Laughter,squeals and screams…skateboards and bikes…
    climbing trees ….ah ,the joy of summertime ! Hangin’ at the pool…
    having good clean fun ….
    I hope I never have to grow up 🙂

  6. Wow! This is totally ridiculous! I ate ice cream from the ice cream man all the time when I was little and I am not at all obese. But….My mom also home cooked every meal….with normal veggies, fruit, and meat. She never kept snack food stocked at home. My brother’s favorite snack food is a Red Bell Pepper outa the fridge. He still eats’em like that in college. (she kept tons of fruit all the time, he just always liked Bell Peppers).
    Every child is different, every child needs different parenting. Forget what others opinions are and actually do what is best for your child! The best part of the ice cream truck is chasing it down and ordering. Take a look at The First Lady….she only eats nutritional foods, so she says, and she is fighting the “inter tube”. I don’t think ice cream is the problem, I think the obesity problems might accidentally stem from mommy and daddy issues.
    Which, what the heck do I know, I am the idiot mother that actually makes her kid’s PB&J’s by hand(don’t hand ’em a pre-made, store bought one from the freezer)! 😀

  7. Liberal idiots that cannot control their own kids but want to control how everyone else lives and acts!

  8. What a shame. I remember the ice cream truck very well as a kid in the 50s. I saved my dimes and nickels for a rare ice cream treat. Parents don’t need help by banning every thing under the sun . They need to BE THE PARENT! If a kid screams for something he can’t have, it means to me the parent has been very soft on that child for all it’s short life, regarding everything. It’s not his fault the parent is too stupid to take that role. Adn it sure as heck isn’t the ice cream man’s fault. He’s trying to make a living.

  9. Left/liberals think personal responsibility (like being an adult) is oppressive and “racist”… of course, they each want everyone’s wealth except theirs redistributed, too.


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