Party like it’s 2008

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When you watch the 2012 Democratic National Convention as it begins today, just remember the POS had said THE SAME THINGS four years ago as today.

Things aren’t better. They are WORSE.


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0 responses to “Party like it’s 2008

  1. The only thing that’s changed is his hair color! Oh, and maybe his ears have gotten a little bigger! 🙂

  2. Huh, what the heck? Let’s do more of the same and hope it gets better?

  3. Change has been recognized and understood: DNC is set to move Obama Speech from 74,000 Stadium to 20,000 Arena and they are busy transporting busloads of students and black supporters. 😀

  4. I won’t be listening. I cannot stomach mr. soetero. I will read, watch a video and pray instead of watching the news. I’ll keep informed thru the transcripts and blogs but I cannot tolerate seeing him or listening to him. We don’t need to hear more lies and propaganda.


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