Partners in crime

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0 responses to “Partners in crime

  1. LOL Looks like my house!
    I have 2 cockatoos & 4 dogs that beg from the birds 24 / 7.
    3 of the dogs are breeds that should want to eat the birds & actually have caught & killed birds in the wild, but parrots are smart enough to manipulate them with the ‘people food’ they get to eat so they make the dogs their pawns pretty quickly. This is how it is in every home I know with parrots & dogs.
    The 2,000 LBS per sq inch of pressure beak strength probably doesn’t hurt either, but I’ve never had a problem with a dog trying to attack a ‘too. On the flip side, the ‘toos seem to love picking on the dogs. For instance they will bait them with the food, dropping it in just the right place that they can drop a ‘bird bomb’ right on the dog’s head (usually between the eyes) as it’s retrieving it from the floor. Another thing they do sometimes when they’re annoyed with the dog getting too close / nosey is jump onto the dog’s head & nip their ears making them cry.
    What’s funny though is how the birds totally know they are the ones in charge & use it to manipulate the heck out of the dogs. Always entertaining company to say the least! 😉


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