Partners in crime

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0 responses to “Partners in crime

  1. Just the kind of friend you want!

  2. LOL, New Orleans has been doing it for over a week, Mardi Gras is always on Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday (explaining for the non-Catholic readers)…
    Wendy, Happy Mardi Gras… 🙂

  3. this reminds me of two dogs we had when i was teenager. one dog was a small long haired black and white mix and the other was part sheep dog and part who knows any way earlier that day my mom had baked some cookies and had put them on the kitchen table. i was the last one to leave the house that evening and as i locked the door i had a sneaking suspicion and looked back through the door window and watched as the larger dog aided the little dog up unto the kitchen table and immediately made for the fresh cookies. which they started to share until they heard my key in the lock and i opened the door and confronted them. boy the look of innocense


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