The curious ever-changing dates of March For Our Lives permit application

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On March 30, 2018, I published the post, “Application for ‘March For Our Lives’ permit was made months before Parkland school shooting,” on a fascinating email that a contact of European researcher Ole Dammegard had received from a Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department officer named Scott Earhardt.
The email was dated four days after the pro-gun control March For Our Lives demonstrations that took place in Washington, D.C. and other cities across America on March 24, 2018.

To begin, according to the PDF document, Metropolitan Police Department, Washington.D.C., Scott Earhardt indeed is a detective there. Here’s a screenshot I took from page 6 of the 65-page document:

In the March 28th email, Officer Earhardt states:

“In reference to your inquiry concerning the March For Our Lives Demonstration, here in the District of Columbia on March 24, 2018. MPD received a permit application several months prior to the actual event, and there was several months of planning for this large event.”

Below is a screenshot of the email:

That the permit application for the March 24th “March For Our Lives” had been submitted “several months” before is most peculiar because one of the March’s organizers, the student group Never Again MSD, had been formed on February 15, 2018 — one day after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) High School in Parkland Florida. February 15 is not “several months” before March 24.
Almost immediately after the “Application for ‘March For Our Lives’ permit was made months before Parkland school shooting” post was published, objections were made, claiming that purported counter-evidence directly contradict the Earhardt email.
The counter-evidence consists of:

(1) A purported March For Our Lives (MFOL) permit application, dated February 20, 2018

Below are screenshots of the permit application, dated February 20, 2018 and signed by Deena Katz, a Hollywood producer and casting director chosen by MSD student survivors to organize the March. You can also view the permit application online here.

There are just two things wrong with Deena Katz’s MFOL permit application:

  • The permit application is a National Park Service application, the 4-page NPS Form 10-941, not a D.C. Metropolitan Police Department application which is completely different (see Metro PD’s “Application For Parade Permit” here). In other words, Katz’s National Park Service permit application has nothing to do with Metro PD Officer Scott Earhardt or his email and, therefore, cannot be used to refute the authenticity of Earhardt’s March 28 email.
  • Page 4 of NPS Form 10-941 specifies: “Hand deliver or mail completed application”. But the Deena Katz application is incomplete, leaving many questions unanswered and boxes unfilled, including all of page 3. All of which means the application likely would not have been accepted and processed by the NPS.

(2) Emails from Officer Earhardt stating a much later date for the MFOL permit application

To begin, according to page 5 of the District of Columbia Mayor’s Special Events Task Group’s (MSETG) Special Events Planning Guide:

The organizers of proposed special events are required to present event proposals to the MSETG and receive the concurrence of the group prior to the issuance of permits or licenses by the permit-granting agencies . . . . Presentation requests in the form of a Letter of Intent (LOI) must be received no less than ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY (180) DAYS prior to the date of the event and are processed up to one year prior to the proposed date of the event. The LOI should be addressed to D.C. Mayor’s Special Events Task Group; 2720 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue SE, 2nd Floor; Washington DC 20032. The LOI may be submitted to

Note that 180 days = 6 months, which is certainly consistent with Officer Earhardt’s March 28 email’s “several months”.
Several claims have been made of emails from Officer Earhardt, in which he contradicts what he had said in his email of March 28 to Ole Dammegard’s contact.
In a YouTube video, Nathan Stolpman of Lift The Veil Productions claims he received an email from Officer Earhardt saying the MFOL permit application was “filed” on March 13, 2018, instead of “several months” before. Below is a screenshot of the email:

In an April 3 follow-up email to Ole Dammegard’s contact, Officer Earhardt writes that he had misspoken in his earlier email of March 28. Instead of the permit application being received by Metro PD “several months” before, it actually had been received “several weeks” before the March:

“After reviewing my previous email, I had misspoke. It was not several months, it was several weeks prior to March 24th. MP actually received the permit application on February 21st and the permit was issued March 7th.

Note: Light On Conspiracies is Ole Dammegard’s blog.
On April 3, 2018, a reader of FOTM also emailed Officer Earhardt concerning the permit application dates, who quickly responded. In two successive emails on April 3, Officer Earhardt states that:

  • Metro PD received the MFOL permit application on March 7 — only 17 days before the March.
  • Metro PD issued the MFOL permit on March 13, which means the March organizers had only 11 days to prepare for the large-scale demonstration involving thousands, if not tens of thousands of people coming from all across the country.

Here are screenshots of Earhardt’s emails:

All of which is most confusing because Officer Earhardt has given different dates for the MFOL permit application:

  • In his email of March 28, he said Metro PD received a permit application “several months” prior to the March For Our Lives.
  • In his email to Nathan Stolpman, Officer Earhardt said Metro PD received (“filed”) the permit application on March 13, 2018.
  • In his April 3 email to Ole Dammergard’s contact, Officer Earhardt said Metro PD received the permit application on February 21, and issued the permit on March 7.
  • In his April 3 emails to a FOTM reader, Officer Earhardt said Metro PD received the permit application on March 7, and issued the permit on March 13.

In other words, Officer Earhardt has given:

  • Four different dates for Metro PD receiving the MFOL permit application:
    • “several months”
    • March 13, 2018
    • February 21, 2018
    • March 7, 2018
  • Two different dates for Metro PD issuing the MFOL permit:
    • March 7, 2018
    • March 13, 2018

Given the different dates he’s given for when Metro PD received the permit application and when Metro PD issued the permit, we have no reason to believe Officer Scott Earhardt. In all probability, his first email of March 28 to Dammegard’s contact is most likely the truthful one — that D.C. Metropolitan Police Department received an application for a permit for March For Our Lives “several months” before the March. That in turn implies that, contrary to how the March had been presented to the American people, the Parkland school shooting is not the inspiration for March For Our Lives and may even have been planned and contrived.
What Officer Earhardt said in that March 28 email is also consistent with the instruction in DC mayor’s Special Events Planning Guide — that organizers of proposed special events like March For Our Lives, must submit a Letter of Intent no less than six months before the event.
H/t Brian H., Harold Saive, and James Fetzer.

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31 responses to “The curious ever-changing dates of March For Our Lives permit application

  1. Its sad to say there are so many on the “right” that refuse to even acknowledge this. You are immediately called a tinfoil hat. All this is out there are ppl want to stay blind. But JFK wasnt a 1 no show… I am sick of the so called “right”. Keep up the good fight please.

  2. It makes sense to any reasonable person, that it takes many months of planning and preparation to pull off an event this large. The MOFL was already set up and ready to go before the alleged school shooting even happened. Once the shooting occurred, the alleged victims spent 40 days whipping up anger and vitriol on both sides of the gun debate, then it was time for their ridiculous march.
    Once again, the Dem-wits overplayed their hand, and their little scheme backfired on them. The NRA greatly increased their membership and people bought more guns. It appears that law-abiding adults DON’T like being preached at and demonized by hypocrite teenagers.
    Even small events in small towns take months of planning and preparation. Heck, people spend months planning Christmas parties! 😁

    • Maryaha . . . . Bravo! I agree completely with the important points you have brought out. This all proves . . . it was a put-up job!

    • Absolutely correct. Of course Soros and his merry commies have a lot of practice with “color revolutions” and such. Same basic idea.

    • Very astute, of course there was no mispeaking going on, more like a back room discussion change. The original reason for the rally was changed with the shooting and they ran with it. I had read several times that Bill Maher’s producer organized this like she did for the women’s March.

  3. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.
    Those organizers are using the Clinton’s MODERN MATH -the result can be 4, 8, 9 or any number you want when you get in a jam or whatever fits your lie.

  4. We all know this is part of the whole fool the people into believing this is all true and the call for gun control is all about saving the children. Save them from what not us but save them from the tyranny that is coming is what, I would think we should save them from, and we will need our guns to do so.

  5. FIrst off – Good work Dr. Eowyn!
    Second, what can we expect from the same police dept that apparently covers for high level child trafficking, AKA Comet Ping Pong ?
    Let’s see do you think we’ll see this kind of organized reaction ( planning? ) for marches or other events as a response to the latest YouTube shooting? Me neither. They are letting this one drop like a hot potato.

    • Indeed. Don’t mistake my comments for some sort of “approval”. I just had a career in government so I know how these things go in general. Many months for approval is not at all unusual.
      I do not believe that some alleged “student group” could form, decide to (rent a barn and put on a play), hire someone who would then spearhead all the necessary actions needed to pull this off in one month or two. As usual, this is completely bogus.
      People talk about “shadow governments”, etc., and this would take pressure from VERY high. My guess is that it was all in the can, ready to go before the drill happened. End of story.

      • lophatt . . . . Congratulations! You are right on target with the points you brought out. There is no way a student led group brought this whole show together. Anyone who truly thinks that is the truth is either a fool, or a moron!

      • Does anyone here at FOTM know anyone who participated in either the (a) Women’s March (the “nasty woman march”), or (b) the March for Our Lives? I don’t. I wonder about all those people who stopped their lives for a day (or, more likely, at least three days, with travel) to converge on DC. Who does that? And it’s very interesting that there hasn’t been a “live shooting event” during these marches…
        Many conservative speakers have been de-platformed due to security costs—and those have been for a single lecture for a handful of people in an easily-controlled environment. How does one arrange for security for tens of thousands (or more) in an OPEN environment? I assume entire roadways had to be shut down for these marches. And what about parking for attendees (and non-attendees)? Are there shuttle services employed?
        I call BS on this all.

        • Well, to me there’s no question that Soros and his bosses fund these. Money is no object. They have a lot of experience and no morals.
          Some time ago “Veritas” clandestinely filmed DNC operatives discussing how they put together these “grass roots” operations of theirs. For violent ones they hire crazy people and drug addicts. For most others, all they need are “extras”. They want people appearing to be in favor of whatever they’re pushing and they’re willing to pay for it.
          Look at that staged garbage Obongo pulled when they tried to convince everyone that they “killed Osama”. “Spontaneous” demonstrations in front of the Whitehouse at midnight. Get real!
          For these they just have to confine the speakers and central characters to a few hand-picked zealots. I doubt that they actually care on whit about what they’re on about. We can see here from the occasional complainer that the gullible are still among us. That is what they depend upon.
          We must think of these in the proper context. They have decided to do these things. They are not doing these operations to “convince” us. They just want to “appear” logical. They know that they have purchased enough traitors to pull off anything they like. They are fairly certain there won’t be a rebellion. They don’t care if you’re mad.

  6. I hope I don’t further confuse this, but there are some things that may need saying. First, the police contact is only interested in the POLICE permit. When I read the instructions booklet, there ate various agencies that need some sort of submittal in the process. So, the police could issue their part but the ultimate approval could come later.
    Your reference to the 180 days is very instructive. That sounds entirely plausible. What normally happens when an approving authority has something like this to look at is that they list all of the various groups that are impacted. The approvers will not issue approval until all of the hoops have been jumped through to everyone’s satisfaction.
    I do not see how this could be done quickly unless someone muscles it through. What I’m trying to say is that Officer Earhardt and his group are but one group involved with the process. He can only speak for his group.

    • To clarify, the Mayor’s Special Events Group appears to have overall authority. In order to get approval from them, all of the other potentially impacted city departments must approve portions of the general plan prior to submitting the finished plan for approval.
      So Earheart may have strictly been thinking of the “police” portion, I simply don’t know. It seems inconceivable to me that they could have planned, applied and received approval between the drill and the event.

  7. Dr. Eowyn, you nailed the highly orchestrated police state campaign to
    brainwash the goyim sheep into giving up their freedoms for commie
    ironfisted control and extermination. The collapse of building 7 adjacent
    to Twin towers on 9/11/2001 was announced by live TV reporters 20 minutes
    BEFORE the collapse. No aircraft or debris hit building 7. Yet gullible
    “patriots” are still waving flags against false flag decoys. Trust not,
    want not. We are doomed.

  8. Scary, very scary. Detective Earhardt and most of the DC MPD are “Dirty Cops”, this is well known by us other cops.
    Be prepared for CIVIL WAR 2!
    It’s closer than you can ever imagine.

    • “this is well known by us other cops”
      Are you a cop?

    • omnipresentelanvitalhuman

      Yeah, Are you a cop? “CIVIL WAR” Whose side are you on? What side are the “Dirty Cops ” on? Are you talking about “Dirty Harry”? Whose side are the “other cops” on? “Be prepared for CIVIL WAR” Are you making a threat? Or, is a warning and if so, why? Do you know something I don’t know? Do you have proof that Detective Earhardt and most of the DC MPD are “Dirty Cops”? Since you said “us other cops” I will make the bold assumption that you are a cop . That being said, since it is “well known” by you and “other cops” that the Detective and most of the DC MPD are “Dirty Cops” why don’t you bust them? You did take an oath? Are you scared? Are you into slander? How long have you/ other cops known this and stood by and did nothing? Knowing this is going on and you do nothing, do you feel that this is a dereliction of duty? If so, do you still accept a paycheck for your dereliction of duty? Since the public pays your wages, would you agree that you are “ripping off” the public? Who is more of a “Dirty Cop”? The one doing the “dirty work”, or the one who knows it’s going on and does nothing? Aiding and Abetting? If your statement is true, then in your own words, you essentially incriminate yourself. Making you no better than what you are claiming the Detective and most of the DC MPD are. One last thing. “CIVIL WAR2! It’s closer than you can imagine! Do you mean geographically? If so, where is it going to start? Are you referring to a time and date? What day? What time? How close is “closer than you can imagine”? As far as I am concerned the CIVIL WAR2 started April 12, last year. Coincidentally, exactly what I would consider “closer than you can imagine” Of course now it’s “closer than you could have imagined”.
      If you are a cop, thanks for your dedication. Seriously, are you a cop?
      Brian H

  9. a lot of lying and chicanery going on here. color me surprised. Don’t believe ANYTHING you hear and only half of what you see.

  10. half OT: I thought Hogg ended his DC speech really good!
    “From My Cold Dead Hands!”
    still photo:
    3 sec animated GIF:
    6 sec movie, with Charlton Heston NRA speech sound overlay,

    To tweet the movie above where it auto-plays in your tweet, add this to the end of your text, which might include “Click player for sound”:

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  12. Wow! They must be counting on “cognitive dissonance” to cover this messy stuff.

  13. You are absolutely right Dr. Eowyn. The likelihood of Officer Earhardt’s initial response to the request for the date of permit application is a virtual certainty. The plans for mass demonstrations were laid in advance for the sole purpose of having the mechanisms for launching the demonstrations when an opportunity such as the school shooting presented itself. And there are always opportunities that will present themselves down the road. We also can be fairly certain that George Soros and company financed at least part of it. But there is more to this episode that needs to be explored.
    I have no doubt that there are other such events being planned even as I write this. There will be other demonstrations at other venues that will be labeled “spontaneous” student led, or immigrant led, or whatever suits the anti-American left wing toadies who believe they are the intellectual crème de la crème, and that we are nothing more than troglodytes who walk on our knuckles.
    It behooves those of us who care about this country and the liberties we enjoy to be proactive in forcing the movers and shakers within the shadow government to be unmasked. My experience with finding stuff out rested on two bedrock principles. The first is this: The criminal always confesses in writing, and second: You can find out pretty much anything if you just follow the dollar.
    A judicial use of the F.O.I.A. would produce some interesting results in unmasking the low and mid level worker bee soldiers of the shadow left. A researcher can search the lists of permit applications for the past five or ten years, focusing on areas where demonstrations (especially those that resulted in riots) occurred. Search municipal, county, and state financial records to find out who signed the checks to pay for police, fire, extra duty officers, public works, and other services that were necessary for security. As more data are amassed it is likely that a researcher will start seeing the same names appearing in the records. Once that happens, the fun begins.
    Much of a persons financial records can be located–lawfully–in public records at municipal offices, county and state courts, and other publicly available repositories. In most, but not all, jurisdictions the salaries of government employees are public records. With this information, a researcher can find out (once again, legally) whether the government employee is likely to be a crook. For example, if you find an employee who earns $75K a year, but who drives a $110K Porsche and owns a $950K vacation house on Martha’s Vineyard, chances are you have found yourself a member of the shadow government spook who is being rewarded for his or her services to the dark side. The same technique works quite as well and is just as easy if your subject is a civilian. When this happens, the final step is to publish the results. Blogs such as FOTM, services such as YouTube, and Web sites devoted to conservative values work wonders for getting the word out.
    The point of all of this is that we will not make much progress in combating those who hate and would destroy us, unless we play the kind of hardball that counts.

    • Great points, Grif.
      How about if you help us out by undertaking the research you urged, e.g., making a FOIA request for the MFOL permit?

  14. I can certainly make a start, Dr. Eowyn. The bureaucracy being what it is, it may take some time for the request to bear fruit. I will keep the group posted viz my progress.

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