Paris ISIS attack: Was it a false flag?

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We have become so cynical and distrusting of government and the mainstream media that immediately after a mass trauma event — a school shooting or terrorist attack — speculations and assertions are made in the Alternative Media that the event is another false flag.
The term “false flag” has its origins in naval warfare where a flag other than the belligerent’s true battle flag is used as a ruse de guerre or pretext for war. As the term is used in contemporary America, a false flag is an event that is contrived and manipulated by the authorities to achieve a covert agenda. The public is given an untruthful version of the event by government and/or the media. The intended result is a “rallying around the flag” effect, wherein an inflamed populace is mobilized to support the government’s preconceived agenda.
For a stunning true false flag that, thankfully, was never carried out, see “Operation Northwoods: A true U.S. government conspiracy for those who mock conspiracy theories”.
The latest mass trauma event took place in France on November 13, 2015, when eight men undertook multiple attacks in Paris — at a death metal concert in Bataclan, 2 restaurants, a soccer stadium, and on streets. We are told that 127 were killed, 300 were wounded, 80 of whom are in critical condition. All 8 attackers are now dead — 7 died in suicide bombings; the 8th was shot by police. Officials say accomplices may still be at large. (NYT)
French President François Hollande immediately called the attacks “an act of war” and identified ISIS or the Islamic State as the party responsible. The next day, Nov. 14, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks. (See “ISIS claims responsibility for both Paris attack & Russian jet crash“)
At this point, I don’t have an opinion on whether the Paris attacks are another false flag. What I will do is to present the pro and con arguments, reasoning and evidence that I’ve seen. If you know of others, please send us an email ( or write it as a comment on this thread.

Paris attacks were real, not a false flag

1. Here’s a video of the soccer stadium, showing the spectators in pandemonium after the explosion(s):

2. Here’s a video taken by Daniel Psenny, a journalist for France’s leading newspaper Le Monde, of dozens of concert-goers fleeing the Bataclan concert hall as the attack was ongoing. Psenny lives behind Bataclan, on Saint-Pierre Amelot passage, in the 11th arrondissement (or administrative district) in Paris. (Paris has 20 arrondissements.) Shots can be heard in the video, as well as Psenny yelling: “What is going on?”
A Paris city hall official said four gunmen killed at least 87 young people at the Bataclan venue, where the Californian rock group Eagles of Death Metal was performing.

In the video footage, a man can be seen dragging a body away from Bataclan (0:46 mark), several people are dead on the ground (2:13 mark), while others hang from first-floor windows in an attempt to get out alive (2:22 mark).
Paris Bataclan attack

Paris attacks were a false flag

1. To begin, although news headlines scream “Carnage!,” there seems to be a dearth of bloody images of the Paris attacks. I found this out for myself when I searched for those images for the post I did yesterday, “ISIS claims responsibility for both Paris attack & Russian jet crash“. What I found were variations on the images below, showing a presumably-dead body covered by a sheet on the ground or being transported by first responders.
Paris attacks Nov. 13, 2015Paris attacks Nov. 13, 2015a
2. The interviewee in the video below asks why, in our time when practically everyone carries a cell phone with photo and video capabilities, there are no videos of the attack in the soccer stadium:

3. An alleged crisis actress seen crying after the Paris attacks, bears an eerie resemblance to a crying young woman seen at the 2012 Aurora theater shooting, the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre, and the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. The poster below was compiled by Mika Rasila, the authenticity of which I cannot guarantee.
crisis actress at 2015 Paris attack
4. CIA director John Brennan, suspected to be a Muslim, recently met with his French counterpart before the Paris attacks.
According to Lori Price of, during a live report with MSNBC’s Brian Williams yesterday evening, Laura Haim, the White House correspondent for French television network Canal+, said that Brennan had met French intelligence (DGSE) director Bernard Bajolet at a conference last month — the 2nd Annual Ethos and Profession of Intelligence Conference, co-hosted by the CIA and George Washington University, on October 27, 2015. DGSE is the French equivalent of MI6 and CIA.
5. French and German intelligence had foreknowledge of an imminent terrorist attack in Paris. CounterCurrentNews cites a report by SOFREP that says:

Industrial targets were already being probed by suspected terrorists in France, and a bomb which failed to detonate was found in one facility. The explosives employed were those stolen in a little-publicized theft from a French military armory months prior. The French and German federal police and intelligence services strongly believed at that time that terrorists were casing soft targets inside Paris and that it was, “A matter of when, not if.” The only point of contention within the French security services was whether or not the target would be soft (civilian) or hard (military, government, industrial) in nature.

6. Motives for a Paris attack false flag:
Several motives have been suggested:

  • That President Hollande would use the attack as the pretext for France to join the U.S. in a war against Syria, ostensibly to combat ISIS, but the real goal is to overthrow Syria’s legally elected President Assad. According to a French blogger (via James Tracy’s MemoryHoleBlog), a passport belonging to one of the slain Paris attack terrorists was found — a Syrian passport — which suggests that the alleged terrorists were Syrian.
  • That the French government will use the Paris attack to impose martial law and a police state. Already, Hollande has declared a state of emergency for France, while armed military patrol Paris. The same French blooger referenced above claims that
    “a few weeks before the attacks, we learned that the French police will now have the right to shoot live ammunition against the French population.”
  • Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant treasury secretary in the Reagan Administration, suggests this motive for the Paris false flag:

The millions of refugees from Washington’s wars who are overrunning Europe are bringing to the forefront of European politics the anti-EU nationalists parties, such as Pegida in Germany, Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party, and Marine Le Pen’s National Front Party in France. These anti-EU political parties are also anti-immigrant political parties.
The latest French poll shows that, as a result of the refugees from Washington’s wars, Marine Le Pen has come out on top of the candidates for the next French presidential election.
By supporting for 14 years Washington’s neoconservative wars for US hegemony over the Middle East, establishment European governments eroded their electoral support. European peoples want to be French, German, Dutch, Italian, Hungarian, Czech, British. They do not want their countries to be a diverse Tower of Babel created by millions of refugees from Washington’s wars.
To remain a nationality unto themselves is what Pegida, Farage, and Le Pen offer the voters.
Realizing its vulnerability, it is entirely possible that the French Establishment made a decision to protect its hold on power with a false flag attack that would allow the Establishment to close France’s borders and, thereby, deprive Marine Le Pen of her main political issue.
Some people are so naive and stupid as to think that no government would kill its own citizens. But governments do so all the time. There are an endless number of false flag attacks, such as Operation Gladio. Operation Gladio was a CIA/Italian intelligence operation that relentlessly bombed innocent Italians, such as those waiting in a train station, murdering hundreds, and then blaming the violence on the European communist parties in the post-WW II era in order to block the communists from electoral gains.

Assuming the Paris attacks are true, FOTM extends our sincere sympathies to the families of the dead, and to the wounded.

H/t FOTM’s Triuwida, george, MomOfIV, josephbc69, and maziel.

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0 responses to “Paris ISIS attack: Was it a false flag?

  1. I think it was fake. THere’s more evidence that nothing happened than that something really did happen

  2. Fantastic reportage.
    Thank you.

    • Thank you, May. <3

    • The more I’ve investigated, the more I see that this is all about attacking Syria. Now everybody is against the “terrorists” who are saudi wahhabi/salafi muslims (though I consider all muslims to be nuts in a Satanic CULT) with the long term objective to get rid of Assad so the banksers can put in a Rothschild “central bank” there.
      (so, yes, it’s a false flag, too)

  3. Reblogged this on "OUR WORLD".

  4. It may be best not to get lost in the details of whether it was all faked or partially faked, how many people may or may not have died, were crisis actors involved in some, or all of it. The main question to answer is Qui Bono? Whoever has the most to gain is the likely culprit. To my mind, events this large have state sponsorship. Which state(s) have the MEANS and the most to gain?

  5. Alex Jones, Sat., 11/14/15,, has a very good posting on the Paris attack. That attack may well lead to martial law supported by the EU. Marine Le Pen recently gave a speech about Merkel, Holland’s, and the EU that all needed to hear. French elections are coming up soon, and Le Pen was put on trial last. Tuesday for hate speech against some Muslims five years ago. It is also a time of Orban of Hungary expressing disapproval of the EU, a feeling shared by more Europeans every day.
    G20 nations are to meet in TURKEY soon, and the agenda was to be about global warming sorts of subjects.

  6. Here we go again to the hall of mirrors. With such untrustworthy media, and so many corrupt government leaders, it is impossible to entirely rule out a false flag.
    As for me, my gut instinct says it’s a genuine attack. Why? Islam does not need the existence of shadowy conspirators. Their religion is at its core a mandate for world domination through murder and fear. No illuminati needed.
    PS: Great post, Dr. Eowyn. I wish I could ignore your question, but it is entirely too possible.

    • good points but I think islam is just a bunch of weenies and though they’re nutso, they prefer to have sex with the little boys or abusing women to fighting.

    • Good point, TD, about Islamists being fully capable of carrying out these attacks, conspiracy or no conspiracy. But one does not exclude the other. For that matter, it can argued that the savage disposition and acts of Islamists precisely make them perfect fall guys.

  7. Sadly, I think this was the real thing. My gut isn’t telling me otherwise.
    That being said, I find a few of those pictures of the girl a little suspect. In two of them, I see the same bracelet, and if you look how she holds her hand, she cups it the same.
    What I fear right now, is we will have the same here, we have a President that wants us dead and to prove it, he has started bringing them into our country the last few days.

  8. J’ACCUSE the traitorous so called “Western” in reality anti-western power “elites”, French, American, German, who are responsible for the rise of “multiculturalism”, which led to a Europe becoming a gypsy tabor and jihad-infested cluster of mosques. You and your prostitute so called “academe” and media are responsible for what is happening today in Middle East and now in Paris.

  9. Kevin J Lankford

    I think the real effect of it all is that as ordinary citizens, we are left with no one to trust.
    But then, for those who have read and understood the Christian Bible, all seems to be playing out just as prophecy has foretold. Could man 2000 years ago, or more, have conceived or foreseen these events himself.
    Keep the faith, it has been a long time since there has been such proof.

  10. According to Jim Stone, there was a Mexican girl who survived the Bataclan shootings. Her parents called her boyfriend on his cell phone and he confirmed they were both fine. This was on Mexican tv.
    She was then taken into protective custody by the French and ended up on the floor dead with the rest. Her parents don’t understand how she could be dead when they had already confirmed she survived the shootings, with somebody who was physically with her.
    The liveleak video he posted is also pretty damning. Dubbed in gun fire, note neither the crowd nor the singer have any reaction to the supposed ak47 being fired at them. Who reacts? The guy who’s banging on drums and least likely to hear anything! lol
    Great summary Dr. Eowyn. Will be interesting to see what the internet sleuths turn up next but my certainty that this is a false flag is around 99% now.

    • Alright I’ve had time to review some more of these pics coming from the media and all I can say is it looks dumber and more fake all the time. That guy walking with the cop, that’s not real blood. The trails of blood in between all the victims with no footprints anywhere, nobody’s tried to approach the victims or anything… just looks really really fake.
      This was stupidly done.

  11. Thank you, Triuwida, for posting Jim Stone’s take on this. To me the most damning thing of all is the lack of footprints and the lack of any real independents photos.This is something else to consider.
    And also this: why would “ISIS [isUS]” do this now? The last people to gain from this would be the Muslims themselves. But those that want “increased security” and more war and “retribution” do. Look for the hidden hand.

  12. It has been said that the only real conspiracy is the fiction that there are no conspiracies. Islam is real and that’s a fact. They are evil; another fact. Keep your wits about you and your powder dry.
    ”A man should rely on his own resources. The one who so trains himself is ready for any emergency.” -oral tradition, Omaha

  13. In today’s world I notice at concerts and other events everyone is recording or taking pictures on their phone. Where are all pictures and movies shot on phones for this event by the common people? Jim Stone brought this up on his site. This looks like a false flag to bring down Assad and install more draconian police state measures and raw fear. This is also another step towards regional war (they finally get their Syrian War) which could go world war very easily just in time to cover for the economic depression we have been in. Let’s face it, we hit zero economic growth decades ago and only by financial alchemy have the elites kept this system alive.

  14. All actors on a sound stage with cameras recording from every angle for immediate release to the gullible world. Now excuse me please while I return to the comfortable position I came out of to make this comment …. the position of having my head covered comfortably in sand … like most other fools who try to make these atrocities less than they are.

  15. I just came across this video (warning graphic language and adult content) showing a woman interviewed on acouple MSM shows. She is an English actress with a terrible french accent. Listen at the 5m57s mark when she says how do you say it in English. That’s even bigger to me than her inconsistent story. News is nothing but LIES
    Watch “Paris False Flag: Bataclan Eyewitness Hoax Actor …” on YouTube
    Paris False Flag: Bataclan Eyewitness Hoax Actor …:

  16. Stop buying the news papers and anything owned by the people involved, warn others of who they are, wether they like it or not?

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  18. Paris massacre victims were castrated and had their eyes gouged out by twisted ISIS suicide bombers, inquiry is told


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