Paris burns & rioters clash with police during eighth day of protest over increased fuel tax, call for “out of touch” Macron to resign

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Riots in Paris/AP photo

I guess the French are finally fed up with being taxed to death.

From Fox News: Thousands of French protesters flooded the nation’s capital Saturday to demonstrate against President Emmanuel Macron’s controversial fuel tax increase — clashing with policies as they called for Macron’s resignation.

The angry clashes, both in Paris and other towns and cities across the country, mark the eighth day of “yellow jacket” protests against the tax, but have also come to encompass a growing anger against Macron and the French ruling class — seen by many as out of touch.

The yellow jackets have become a uniform of sorts for the protesters, originating from the neon yellow jackets French drivers are required to keep in their vehicles.

Authorities said that at least 8,000 protesters flooded the Champs-Elysees in Paris alone, with 81,000 protesters in total nationwide compared to 244,000 last Saturday. Police deployed some 3,000 security forces after an attempt to march on the Elysee Palace last week.

Police used smoke, tear gas and even a water cannon to try and disperse the protesters, Le Monde reported. Officials said that a no-go zone, set up around key areas including the presidential palace and the National Assembly on the Left Bank of the Seine River, has not been breached.

At least eight people, including two police officers, were injured, while dozens of protesters were detained, including for throwing projectiles. In La Madeleine, an area filled with luxury brand shops popular with tourists, businesses shut down due to the protests. In other cities, such as Lyon and Marseille, protests were more peaceful.

The diesel fuel tax has gone up seven euro cents (nearly eight U.S. cents) and will keep climbing in coming years, according to Transport Minister Elisabeth Borne. The tax on gasoline is set to increase by four euro cents. Gasoline currently costs about 1.64 euros a liter in Paris ($7.06 a gallon), slightly more than diesel.

Macron, however, has said that gas tax increases are necessary to reduce France’s dependence on fossil fuels and fund renewable energy investments.

The protests are the latest blow for Macron, who has been dogged by sinking internal poll ratings for months, dropping into the 20s as he has struggled to shed the perception that he is an out-of-touch elitist.

Responding to those concerns, Macron has noted that he does not face any midterm elections and told Bloomberg News in October he intends to keep “exactly the same pace” with his reforms


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21 responses to “Paris burns & rioters clash with police during eighth day of protest over increased fuel tax, call for “out of touch” Macron to resign

  1. Macron has admitted that these hikes in fuel taxes are part of the Paris Climate Agreement, the same one that President Trump wisely withdrew the US from.

    Now the people of France are realizing just what’s in the gloBULL warming accords that was signed in the 1990s.

    Macron would probably call these protestors, traitors, because everyone knows that globalism = patriotism, according to him.

    I hope the Yellow Vests (as the protestors are known) take these protests to the Mooslime no-go zones, so then they could also go after the sandies that have more rights in France than Frenchmen, and get rid of Mooslime enclaves as well.

    • Just think about that. They do the same here. They sign these “trade agreements”, etc., and basically say “hey, were parties to such and such an agreement so, what can we do?”.

      Explain the difference between having an unelected government where one has no representation and that. The same applies to Agenda 21 and its kin.

      Make no mistake, The Odor is here and working. They are counting on the lid staying on while they “level” us all. I hope they burn France down.

  2. And Macroni wants a European army that can defend itself against the US(his words). He is the perfect caricature of the Snotty Frenchman.

    • The Frogs are way overdue for a visit from the German Army.

      • Whatever makes you think the German army is in any shape? Like France, Germany is also overrun by Muslim migrants and “refugees”.

        • Yes, I know. The German Army isn’t what it once was. Nevertheless, it seems like the French nation has always needed a good, solid slap upside the head about every generation or so: 1871, 1914, 1940 …

  3. I think their last election was rigged. LePenn should have won by a landslide after “Little Sarko”. This punk just radiates “patrician”. They all serve someone other than who they claim. Some (like him) are growing noticeably arrogant and displaying scorn for citizens who would dare to expect representation.

    This is why it was ALWAYS such a bad idea for any state to voluntarily join this cabal of unelected rulers. No sane person would do that. Of course, just like with the UN, they claimed they were established to settle differences peacefully and avoid war. Now they have morphed into global government and are attempting to regulate EVERYTHING in life.

    Anyone who didn’t ask for this should be outraged. Those who like this idea should move to Communist China.

  4. Oh he wants to “reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and fund renewable energy investments” what that really means is wealth redistribution from the taxed to death peons to Macron and his elitist buddies in the name of bull$hite climate change.
    I hope they burn the place down.
    Thank God for POTUS Trump for getting us out of that stupide Paris climate change agreement. That was one of the best things he has done.
    Of course CA decided it still wants to be a part of it.
    How in the heck did we get here? How come people are so stupid as to believe this crock of poo! Totally maddening.

  5. Golly, how could any puppet –I mean, protégé!– of the Rothschilds be one of the elite? They can’t be, because they’re working for them, so the term ‘wage slave’ is more appropriate.

  6. Globalism is not patriotism.

  7. Well at least the French have finally seen the light. Here in the people’s republic of Californicate the people voted down Prop 6 to repeal a 50 cent gas which no one asked for and is costing anyone who drives a minimum of 700.00 a year. Do liberals have two brain cells left to rub against each other?Moonbeam is probably using the money to fund his boondoggle bulletin train while in TV adds they claimed money for road maintenance and repair would be lost and meanwhile they put up more toll roads and cameras. How dumb can you be and still breathe? By that standard it seems liberal Ca. voters are comitose at this point.

    • The mental illness of Liberalism installed by the satanic Bolsheviks who have almost completely taken over the US, has destroyed the self preservation instincts of the afflicted along with rationality, common sense, morality, and love & happiness. The afflicted hate everything, especially Western culture, White people, Christianity,the truth and themselves.
      A “De-Bolshevization” program needs to be implemented starting with the breakup of the Ashkenazi owned and controlled MSM, and a massive “De-Programming” of mentally ill Liberals. I’m all for deportations, of illegals & Liberals, the Liberals to be dropped off in the former African nations they destroyed and let them experience thee real joys of diversity there

      • Speaking of African nations, most people do not realize that Libya was an important Roman province in the Empire, more than 2000 years ago. Before it was destroyed by a US led invasion, it had the best social statistics of any nation in Africa, including South Africa. Aside from what foreign leaders said or thought about Gaddafi, the fact is that it was the only African nation who’s people had a guaranteed annual basic income, access to education fully paid breakthrough University, and the benefits extended to newlyweds who were given a substantial lump sum of cash to establish their household. Nor ever forget that he created the largest freshwater irrigation project in the history of Africa and possibly the world, which was bombed deliberately during the invasion. Such an act under international law is a deliberate crime against humanity and factors in genocide. The only thing the US accomplished was to confiscate through theft the country’s gold reserves, which disappeared. So that’s what war under a liberal progressive government is all about. Even generalissimo Franco, as reactionary and draconian as his government was, never practiced such external Wars.


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