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Girl, 12, forced to wear diaper in public after F on report card, police  say

NY Daily News:  A Minnesota couple has been accused of shaving their 12-year-old daughter’s  head and forcing her to run down the street wearing a diaper after she got an F  on her report card.
A neighbor called the police after a crowd of about 50 people, including men  and teen boys, came out to watch the girl run up and down the street wearing  only a tank top and an adult diaper, according to the criminal complaint.
The child was begging to be let back inside, but her parents locked her out,  police said. Officers believed she was outside for about half an hour before  police were called.  “When the officer found her, she was crying and hysterical,” Police tLt. Mike Monsrud said.
The girl’s mother, 38-year-old Stephanie Broten, and her live-in boyfriend, 34-year-old Darnell Landrum, were arrested late Monday. They were charged Wednesday with malicious punishment  of a child, a gross misdemeanor, and face up to a year in prison and a $3,000.
The couple had warned the preteen about the punishment she’d receive if she  didn’t improve at school, according to police.  “They told her if she didn’t, they would shave her head and put her on  ‘diaper duty,’ which I guess meant running up and down the street and cleaning  up trash as a form of public humiliation,” Monsrud told the Pioneer Press.
The girl said it was the third time she had been placed on “diaper duty,”  according to the criminal complaint. The F on her latest report card triggered  the latest round.
The couple was surprised authorities were intervening in their efforts to  discipline the child, according to police.  “Through the whole contact, and even on the way to jail, both were laughing  and thinking it was ridiculous police would get involved in what they said was  their parental decision,” Monsrud told the Pioneer Press.
Cops responded to four calls in the past two years at the family’s home, one  of which prompted a call to child protective services, police said.  The girl and three of her siblings have been placed in foster care.
A year in prison isn’t enough for what these adults made this young girl go through.  I hope she and her siblings have a much better upbringing with their foster parents.

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edward oleander
edward oleander
8 years ago

I live just a few miles from where this took place, and have responded to house fires near there with the Red Cross. It isn’t the worst neigborhood in the Twin Cities, but close. Apparently “Minnesota Nice” doesn’t apply more when there’s half-naked pre-teens to be ogled. I am appalled and disgusted with “my” people. Several of my Detox patients live in that neighborhood, and I’m willing to bet that there was at least one in the crowd of onlookers that I know. EVERY one of the bystanders who failed to intervene should be charged with a misdemeanor. I have… Read more »

8 years ago

sometimes an eye for an eye ,a tooth for a tooth is an appropriate punishment. I hope they find a caring / loving family for the girl.

8 years ago

these people are SCUM!!! Sentence them to do what they made her do!!! I am DEAD SERIOUS HERE FOLKS.Throw the entire book at these horrible people.

8 years ago


7 years ago

Why so little punishment for destroying a child’s life? I went through diaper discipline several times when I was 6-8 in the early 50’s and it ruined my whole life. Unfortunately, back then there were no laws to protect children and the care taker had a free rein in my torment. I think these two should be given no less than 5 years at hard labor as a message to any others who even think of such treatment to a child.