Parent makes a point about how ridiculous Common Core Math is by using it to write a check

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Good man!
comon core check If you are a teacher or parent or friends with teachers or parents, you’ve probably heard about Common Core. It’s a new teaching method that’s been implemented in 46 states with the intention of helping kids not just solve problems, but understand them. When applied to math classes, Common Core has all but abolished tricks – like remembering the “less than” sign looks like an alligator – that make math easier. As someone who still uses the Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally mnemonic device when calculating a tip in a restaurant, the Common Core math standards look crazy complicated.
This new system doesn’t just affect kids and teachers – it’s driving parents nuts. It makes sense: Moms and dads who want to help their kids with homework are suddenly finding the methods undoable. Even Louis C.K., who sets aside time to help his daughters with homework, took to Twitter to express his rage at the Common Core curriculum. “My kids used to love math,” he wrote. “Now it makes them cry. Thanks standardized testing and common core!” Yikes!
One very smart dad in Ohio decided to give the school system a taste of its own medicine, and the Internet is applauding him for his efforts. When he made out a donation check to Melridge Elementary School, he wrote the number according to Common Core standards. It kind of looks like a game of Connect Four next to some “hugs and kisses.” Obviously, no Wells Fargo employees are going to be able to decipher these hieroglyphics.
common core letter
Douglas is one of thousands of parents frustrated by the new Common Core standards. Another parent hijacked their child’s math homework to send a message to the school system. “In the real world,” the message says, “simplification is valued over complication.”
So true. One has to wonder, though: How many more hilarious yet totally on-point complaints from families have to go viral before those in charge of educating America’s youth reevaluates Common Core?

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0 responses to “Parent makes a point about how ridiculous Common Core Math is by using it to write a check

  1. Common Core… it’s designed to keep people ignorant and controllable.

  2. Patricia E. Kolesar

    A qqq d. A. A.
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  3. A minor segment of the privileged find joy in their lives of power by destroying others. They want to make most of humanity so stupid that it will be unable to feed itself and survive without begging the “elite” for the basics of life. The “useless eaters” in our country are generally hard-working, honest, family-oriented, and far more contributing to charities from their incomes than are some, if not most, of those who claim superiority.

  4. This is truly a travesty. How could you possibly go into the labor force when your head is filled with this garbage? It’s bad enough that so many store clerks cannot read, write and now they will be doing this “arithmetic” ????? I am wondering who the four states that are not using common core are? And how are their students when stacked up against all the other 46 states? Excellent post!

  5. Maybe people ought to use that sort of check writing to any state government that supports Common Core.

  6. Dear Frustrated Parent:
    You do know that your tilting at the Common Core windmill won’t actually change things? If you really care about your child’s education, home school!!!

  7. Could some one who is wiser but probably not older than I explain exactly how much that check was written for? I can stare at it all day and it’s still not going to click.
    Nor does the number line problem make any sense. This was covered (but not explained) in a story I read recently:
    In another example, a child was asked to “tell how to make 10 when adding 8 + 5.” He responded (correctly, in my opinion) that it’s not possible to add 8 and 5 and get 10, but was marked wrong. The teacher responded, “Yes, you can. Take 2 from 5 and add it to 8. (8 + 2=10) then add 3.” Say what?
    I would have responded, if I TAKE 2 from 5, then I have 3, not 2. And I’m subtracting, not adding. If I then add “it” (the 3) to 8 then I would have 11, not 10.
    I understand WHAT the teacher is trying to teach (pre-algebra, equations, adding negative numbers) but not the methodology.
    It seems that every time I see one of these tests that parents put online to demonstrate the stupidity of Common Core or their children’s “education”, a large part of the problem lies with the teacher and the way the question is phrased. These teachers need to go back to school to learn how to clearly and concisely phrase their questions.

  8. Billionaire Bill Gates (Microsoft) financed and pushed Common Core on America’s public school children. Bill and Melinda Gates send their children to a private school that doesn’t’ use Common Core! Hypocrites!

  9. I don’t think the Common Core standards require these particular symbols to be used in the way that many Common Core compliant textbooks and programs do. The Common Core sets things that students should know and understand and be able to do. Then other people design these crazy ways to teach and learn those standards.

  10. For those that have NOT seen this, it’s WELL worth your time to spend just ONE hour to learn what Common Core really is. The only question they didn’t answer, is “WHY” did they do this?

  11. I’m a little late to answer this b/c I was working a 14-hour day at school, which included a “Back to School Night” wherein every parent who attended thought it was their personal “parent-teacher-conference night” about the progress of their child…..I could barely get my knees to walk me to the car to go home at 8 PM….upon which I slept about 6 hours, and had to get up and go do a FRIDAY (all teachers KNOW what “FRIDAY” means in a classroom…..)…..
    WHEN are parents going to rise UP and rebel against the wholesale testing by any ONE institution or another of their children???? I keep repeating this on this site—-teachers have NO power..but PARENTS DO!!!! (Do you parents KNOW that you can LEGALLY go to the admin and WITHDRAW your kids from this federally-based testing? The caveat is that, the Feds decreed that if a certain percentage of parents do this in any ONE district…they withold Federal Funds…..But….WHAT IF EVERYONE DOES THIS?????? WHAT THEN? Don’t you think this would be a “grass-roots” rebellion against the Feds having control of our public schools instead of local control????). Also…parents…do YOU KNOW…that the scores of kids whom the Feds decree are “average” or below are, in high school, reported tto the recruiting offices of the military? That means…your kids’ scores do NOT belong to you and your child…they belong to the FEDS!!!!!! If your child is “average” or below, the Feds deem them “likely” cannon fodder.
    It is ONE thing when the test scores are privately held by the student and parent as a ROUGH measure of “average progress” in an “average measurement” within the loosely measured public school systems of the USA as a whole (that’s how it was when my kids were in school…it was PRIVATE…between the kid, the parent….as a measure, LOOSELY, in the regional system and the national system…..)…But, quite another thing NOWADAYS…b/c the Federal Dept. of Ed is SOOOO in control…the “national” federal “system” is in control of your child. This is WHY the teachers MUST teach to “the test” (and it has become clear that it doesn’t matter WHAT TEST—NCLB…or the “new” Common Core)….they are in fear of being judged, not by the progress of their students…but by THEIR progress as compared to a national measure of students overall….so, as it happened in a school that I LEFT (and I was an award-winning CA History teacher at the time)…….the overall school “flunked” the then, national measures.;;……….but NOT b/c of MY students…but b/c of the “double & tripple-dipping” students who failed in multiple categories…….low income, ESL, Special Ed……So, I “bailed out” b/c I did not want to be caught in a “failing school, and adjudged a “failing teacher,” and yet….b/c I was an award winning teacher…I was exactly what the school needed…….and I would have happily remained fo my entire career if I was not going to be judged by the econcomic background and progress of my students….but by my own teaching AND the yearly TRUE progress (regardless if it met some national standard) of my students………

  12. The globalist (forget Federal) control-power wannabes want you, your children, your money, body, soul, and spirit to live and die for them.

  13. Thank you for your good work over the years and the necessary information needed for preservation of decent human standards.

  14. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    How, through your hard work and honesty, are turning the fruits of your labor and bodies into total slaves to a very few globalist psychopaths.

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