Parakeet brothers talk to each other and give smacky kisses

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Fabio and Gabriel are Indian ringneck parakeet brothers born one year apart.

Watch them conduct a full-length conversation, saying each other’s names, asking “How are you doing,” interspersed with smacky kisses.

They even say “thank you” after being kissed!

H/t Josephbc69

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9 responses to “Parakeet brothers talk to each other and give smacky kisses

  1. Kelleigh Nelson

    What a riot, they are having so much fun!

  2. That’s Brotherly love for real.

  4. I never realized that parakeets could be so entertaining. Those two are wonderful. Thanks for the bright spot in my day.

  5. That is a hoot!

    Fabio & Gabriel are not the easiest names to pronounce, both with three syllables vs. one, such as Joe or John.

    “They even say ‘thank you’ after being kissed!”

    So funny! That’s a keeper. I know relatives with less manners than parakeets! (…who hardly ever say Thank You for anything. Bah Humbug!)

  6. Pretty birds!

  7. Nice!!

    I used to have a couple of parakeets, had a few growing up, and my parents even had up to 4 cockatiels.

    The day I got my German Shepherd, was the last day I had my parakeets. He was curious of course, and his curiosity almost pushed over the cage they were inhabiting. They were given to a friend of my wife’s, and rumor had it the friend let them go not long afterward.

  8. Growing up for my first years in my grandparents’ dairy farm extended family household, I was a dog/cat/horse fan. They were everywhere, and treasured members, on the farm. They each had a “job’ of importance on the farm. But, my parents would not allow any of those pets into my young life b/c we later moved to a small town apartment. They were working their way through college with a family…& it just would not “fit” in the expense category, either. BUT, my dad worked, as one of his THREE jobs in college, with a landscaping supply company. Somehow, he came across 2 parakeets in need of a home…one green, one blue….and we named them “Juniper and Fitzer” after some landscaping evergreens…..

    They were young and sweet. One of them died young. The other escaped some years later, but neither of these before we’d come to know that no child could be “corrected” in front of either…they’d set up a “squall” of chatter/reprimand if anyone even SEEMED to chastise me or my brother for anything—even, “You are late for bedtime—get going!” OMG….such a chatter/squall from Juniper and Fitzer against the adult voices!!!! I have NO IDEA how such creatures “learn” such behavior….we lived in a very pacifist home…there never was corporal punishement or violence in our home….but, these little birds even learned to distinguish very quickly between an adult voice and a child’s voice….and , for sure……favored the child’s voice 🙂

  9. Such wonderful animals. The Lord’s creation is truly wondrous. Those birds are so darn cute!

    Almost as cute as my family’s cats. Almost…


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