Paradise lost: Homeless in demorat-run Los Angeles

You own this demorat Mayor Eric Garcetti. You, the demorat bureaucrats who run the city and voters: You own this disastrous failure.

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Dr. Drew: Bubonic plague is likely already in Los Angeles


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1 year ago

There isn’t a chance this isn’t public theater stage managed by the Left. At the same time they’re doing nothing to help these people, they’re simultaneously promoting open borders and caravans bringing in millions more destitute people who already have the third-world diseases the elites know full well will add to overloading the system in every way possible. If one thing is clear at this point, it’s that they don’t give a damn if we call out their callous indifference to human suffering, disgusting displays of unmerited privilege, and hypocritical calls for everyone but themselves to sacrifice. The empty jawing… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  Dan

Quite agree, the coke/pepsi, dem/repub pseudo-dichotomy gives us the illusion of choice. “They” have a very firm grip on the levers of power, busily constructing a Marxist/socialist/statist dystopia, the new (old) world order. The MSM is their strongest pillar, shaping opinion, fabricating reality. It’s ALL theater, what they want us to think. The only possible wild card is Trump but I think he was simply installed to keep normal, patriotic, white Christians bought into “the system”, a false hope. As I’ve said before, put not your faith in princes, we are on our own. One bright spot is that there… Read more »