Palestinians admit they are Illegal Immigrants

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Inventing the “Palestinian people”

Feeling bad for the poor, oppressed innocent people of Palestine? Watch this, and although you may still feel sad for their children, you will no longer feel burdened for their leaders.

Yup, they said that.

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10 responses to “Palestinians admit they are Illegal Immigrants

  1. Stunning truth-telling from the horses’ mouths, esp. at the 2:05 mark in the video: “Brothers, half of the Palestinians are Egyptians and the other half are Saudis.” In other words, the so-called “Palestinians” are actually transplants from Muslim-Arab countries. Palestinians are an invented people — concocted solely to attack Israel.
    Even more stunning, beg. at 1:23 mark: “Al-Aqsa and the land of Palestine represent the spearhead for Islam and for the Muslims. Therefore when we seek the help of our Arab brothers, we are not seeking their help in order to eat, to live, to drink, to dress, or to live a life of luxury. No. When we seek their help, it is in order to continue to wage Jihad.”

  2. …..that there was nothing in Palestine but desert until the Zionist state or Israel ? Who was living in the city or Nazareth and Bethlehem for the last couple thousand years ? What about all those Arab Christians ?

    • You are right. There were Arab Christians living here along side the Jews who had been here for hundreds of years as well. But much of the vast stretches of land were desolate. Read Mark Twain’s account of his trip to here.

  3. Traildust, great posting! It needs to be shown to as many as possible, thus revealing major widespread lies of Satan against God’s plan and people. Revelation, Apocalypse 12:17, “And the dragon was angry at the woman [Israel] and declared war against the rest of her children-all who keep God’s commandments and maintain their testimony for Jesus.” NLT. Jews and Christians are in God’s eyes His children, spiritual brothers, a relationship in many instances much stronger than blood, as has been revealed from long ago and starting with Cain and Abel. God’s spiritual family has a common fierce physical and spiritual enemy, but by reading the end of the Book, we know who wins.

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  5. Ashkenazi Jews who went to Israel and reclaimed the land have no genetic claim to that land whatsoever. Some 98% of the Israeli population is Ashkenazi who are descended from a tribe called the Khazars. They originated in the Caucus mountains and only converted to Judaism in around 800 AD. They are not related to Abraham, whereas the Arab people ARE Semitic.
    See Rev Ted Pikes vid.

    • And what claim do these ‘semitic arabs’ from Jordan, Egypt, Syria etc. have on Judea?

    • Let’s say – for argument’s sake – that that’s true. What difference would it make? Every convert to Judaism is considered as if they were born a Jew. So, it’s really stupid to use that ‘Khaza’ argument.

  6. Well, they ARE.
    Dr. Eowyn…
    Look at this:

  7. Attention all non-accepted Muslim Gentiles! Attention all non-accepted Muslim Gentiles! If Islamists obey the teachings, commands, of their religious requirements, we are next! Read chapters 8 & 9 of the Koran, men, you are to be killed or castrated and enslaved, and your mothers, wives, sisters, daughters…will become sex slaves for the followers of Islam. Slavery exists in Islamic countries, it is part of sharia. Men, you will be responsible for the torment of good women your lack of knowledge of truths and belief in falsehoods, including “reasons” for hatred of Jews, will cause. As for yourselves, well, think about it. Seriously, study the matter, our way of life and lives of many depend on this.


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