Pakistan Taliban Threatens Foreign Flood-Aid Workers

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A member of the fanatic Taliban

Pakistan, a Muslim country, is devastated by weeks of flooding. As much as a fifth of the country is flooded — a vast area slicing through the middle of Pakistan, running from the mountains of the north to the desert areas in the south.  An estimated 8 million are in desperate need of humanitarian aid; at least half of them are homeless.
As usual, the United States is in the forefront of aid, sending army helicopters to hard-hit areas as part of a package worth approximately $90m. Last week, on August 19, our government announced an additional $60 million, making a total of $150 million in U.S. commitment to Pakistan’s relief efforts. [Source]
But Pakistan’s fanatic Taliban Islamists are vowing they will kidnap foreign aid workers delivering assistance to the affected areas. Why? Because foreign aid might win the good will of the Pakistani people toward Western countries!
Yes, indeed. Muslims are such nice people — even toward their own people!

Pakistani flood survivors try to catch food bags from an army helicopter in Lal Pir Photo: AFP

Pakistan floods: Taliban vows to kidnap foreign aid workers

By Rob Crilly – Telegraph – 26 Aug 2010
The Pakistan Taliban is planning to kidnap foreign aid workers delivering assistance in the aftermath of devastating floods, according to an American diplomatic official.

“According to information available to the US government, [Pakistan militant group] Tehreek-e-Taliban plans to conduct attacks against foreigners participating in the ongoing flood relief operations in Pakistan,” the official said. “Tehreek-e-Taliban also may be making plans to attack federal and provincial ministers in Islamabad,” the official told the AFP news agency on condition of anonymity.
Weeks of flooding have affected an estimated 17.2m people. At least eight million need emergency humanitarian aid and hundreds of thousands are still stranded and cut off from supplies.
Charities and United Nations agencies have fanned out across the region, and hundreds of relief workers are operating in the north-west of the country, where militants have bases along the border with Afghanistan.
Banned Islamist charities have also emerged at the forefront of aid efforts, using the emergency to win hearts and minds.
[…] last night’s warning is the first suggestion that relief efforts might be targeted by militants although the Pakistani Taliban has previously denounced all foreign aid for victims of the catastrophic flooding.
There are also concerns that the floods have choked off key supply routes to Nato forces in Afghanistan and allowed breathing space for militants in Pakistan as the military diverts helicopters and personnel to flood relief.
Marine Commandant General James Conway said Pakistan’s powerful Army chief, Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani, had warned him that the Army was preoccupied. “Gen Kiyani cautioned me that the involvement of his Army in the flood relief will for a time detract from their efforts to secure the Pakistani frontier,” he said during a Pentagon briefing after returning from a visit to flood-affected areas. 
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0 responses to “Pakistan Taliban Threatens Foreign Flood-Aid Workers

  1. “Only a fool fights in a burning house.”
    –Klingon proverb (forgive me, but it fits)

  2. Talibastards.

  3. How “tolerant and compassionate” of them…truly disgusting they would let their own people suffer. Bloomberg and The Traitor must be so proud…

  4. It was reported in our newspaper today, that people are not giving very much right now to the flood victims there. We have a lot of people out of work right now, so I don’t know why anyone would be surprised.

  5. The Taliban have hinted at attacking foreign aid workers who are helping the flood victims in Pakistan, citing their presence as “unacceptable”. Hundreds of foreigners arrived in the country following the worst ever floods to hit Pakistan in living memory. In the wake of their arrival, US officials have warned of attacks by the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) after receiving some intelligence reports. The point to ponder is why the militants are so unhappy about the presence of foreign relief workers. It is because of the contention for the relief space between the Pakistan government, the anti-Taliban forces, the foreign aid regime on the one hand, and our illustrious terrorists on the other. It is a battle for winning the hearts and minds of the flood affectees. In any insurgency and counter-insurgency, the political effort is as important as military might. Thus, winning the people of the areas hit by the insurgency is central to both sides — the insurgents and those fighting them. Arguably, such wars are seldom won on the battlefield, which is why the militants are hankering to help the flood victims in order to win them over to their side. It is also quite clear that the Taliban are not willing to give up their space to anyone else, especially foreigners. These terrorist are killers of innocent people, their relief efforts are just an eye wash.We must be aware of these thugs and denounce their tricky efforts.


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