Pakistani Taliban joining jihadist “rebels” in Syria civil war

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Yet more evidence that the “rebels” in Syria not only are al-Qaeda jihadists, they increasingly are FOREIGN in nature, including Pakistani Talibans. And these are the loonies the POS is arming, and for whom America almost went to war.


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  1. Yes ma’am, there are reports coming out of Pakistan saying that the “Taliban” is going to appear wherever the shadowy elite masters of the globe decide they are going to cause mayhem next. They must have a names department coming up with new strains of what stared as muyadeen? yeah? Brezinsky and Tim Osman AKA Osana bin Laden were together in Russia figuring out how to get mercenaries to do stuff under various difference flags. False flag? Black Op? It;s illusury and we better dispel these illusions so they are thrown into the Sea of Forgetfulness PERMANENTLY.

  2. So if Obama continues arming the rebels… is it finally treason? Can we Impeach him now?


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