Painting of Archangel Michael weeps

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There is a very old icon or painting of St. Michael the Archangel in the Sacred Church of the Archangel Michael at the Old Cemetery of Ialyssos in Rhodes, Greece. The church is Greek Orthodox.

The painting dates to 1896.

Beginning in 2013, the painting weeps.

John Sanidopoulos reports, Oct. 27, 2013:

The [Orthodox] Metropolitan, after indeed verifying there were what looked like tears on the face of the Archangel, asked for the icon to be moved from the place it was hanging. They then examined the back side of the icon as well as the wall on which it rested to determine if there was moisture which passed on to the icon.

Having established that this was impossible, the Metropolitan of Rhodes testified that this was in fact a miracle, and he asked that the icon be brought to the Sacred Church of the Dormition of the Theotokos in Ialyssos for public veneration, as well as to see if a change in environment would halt the phenomenon. ‘We will move it to the big church to see how the phenomenon evolves,’ Metropolitan Kyrillos told the faithful who had gathered in the small chapel.”

H/t Spirit Daily

About St. Michael the Archangel, see “Feast Day of the Archangels“.

See also “A soldier’s encounter with Michael the Archangel”.


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9 responses to “Painting of Archangel Michael weeps

  1. We desperately need Michael to smite the devil in all its manifestations. these are the last days. This is my 3rd time trying to post the comment, so if it repeats, my apologies.

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      • I’m experiencing the same, it will no make it to Post Comments.

        • Alma:

          The bot DDOS attacks on FOTM which began 5 days ago are continuing.

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  2. Perhaps St. Michael the Archangel weeps because he knows he and his fellow angels will have to throw unrepentant sinners into Hell at the end of their lives here on Earth. That would make perfect sense to me.

    I certainly hope I am NOT one of those sinners. (I don’t even want my enemies to go to Hell, but I don’t make their choices for them).

  3. We know that angels carry God’s own to their heavenly reward, just as angels bore Lazarus to Abraham’s bosom. For all of us who worship the King of Glory Jesus, these beautiful creatures will come for us and bring us home. I know Gabriel and Michael fight for us, and fight for our God. Oh how blessed we are and many of us don’t even know it or show it.

  4. How can The Archangel not weep before the blasphemy, the hatred, the ignominious way of the world today? How can the Master of the Creation be vilified in such way that Satan is ruling the world HE CREATED? Are the fires in CA, the fury of the hurricanes, the erupting volcanoes and the earthquakes not a sign of GOD’s wrath against the world? We shall continue to pray and hope for salvation before it all ends.

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