Paging Sean Penn: Venezuelan women sell hair, breast milk & sex to survive as country crumbles

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Ain’t socialism grand!


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8 responses to “Paging Sean Penn: Venezuelan women sell hair, breast milk & sex to survive as country crumbles

  1. Alexandria Occasionally-Coherent is nowhere to be seen . She should be showing solidarity with her fellow Socialist sisters!

    And if she’s worried about how she will pay for a place in Washington to live before she’s sworn-in, much less willing to forgo her Congressional salary during the government shutdown, she could always cut her hair! Perhaps she should get herself knocked up so she can also pump out the breast milk!

    I imagine the $$ she’ll make will last her 2 months, right? lol

    • I would humbly submit that Alexandria the Human Tornado is NEVER “coherent”—unless a tornado in a junkyard would actually assemble a Boeing 747 from all the disassembled parts!
      And while we’re at it, she SHOULD cut her hair: She would look better with a MOHAWK!!!

    • Those teeth should be worth big bucks to an ivory collector. I heard that if she gets wet she starts biting people.

  2. Yep. Old Sean should go down to Venezuela and stand in the ruins with Maduro and announce, “Well, my work here is done!”
    That’s Sean Penn—MENTALLY INBRED.

  3. “Socialism:Spreading misery, equally” Rush Limbaugh

    • WTF? She looks like a deranged beaver. If she’s as stoopid as she appears, what does that say about the people that elected her?

  4. They deserve what they have because THEY DIDN’T LISTEN. it’s too late now, the plague came, destroyed and stayed.


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