Paging Obama: "We are here for you"

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It’s been four months since Hurricane Sandy hit, devastating many in New York and New Jersey. Obama made this promise: “We are here for you, and we will not forget, we will follow-up … until you rebuild. We will not quit until this is done. … We are not going to tolerate red tape.” So much for promises…

Wheelchair-Bound Girl Remains Trapped In Apartment 4 Months After Sandy Hit

CBS New York: Recovery from Hurricane Sandy has been slow for lots of people in our area. But for one little girl in Coney Island, the aftermath of the storm has left her trapped inside her apartment for months.
Schania Burgess, 8, is wheelchair-bound and has not been outside since Sandy hit. Her mother said the elevators in their high-rise building on Surf Avenue and 24th Street have been out of order for months, leaving Schania a virtual prisoner in their third-floor apartment.
Burgess has not been able to go to school as a result and said she misses her friends and art class the most. Instead, she is being home-schooled by an instructor.
As CBS 2′s Kristine Johnson reported, Schania’s mother said it’s very frustrating as a parent. “As you could see, she’s in a wheelchair. You have to take her down the steps if you want to go outside and since the storm, like I said, she has not been outside at all,” Scherry Barnett said.
Adding insult to injury, Schania’s apartment is a duplex with the bedrooms downstairs. Since the elevators are not working, the little girl has to sleep on a cot next to the kitchen.
Scherry said she’s fed up with the building and wants to move to an apartment that’s “barrier free,” but she said it’s hard to find one for her and her four children.
CBS 2 tried to get in touch with the building’s management to find out when the elevators would be fixed. A building security guard asked CBS 2 to leave the premises and calls to the management office were not returned.
Can you imagine the outrage if this was happening under Romney’s watch? But, as usual, the SRM gives Obama a pass.

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0 responses to “Paging Obama: "We are here for you"

  1. The pos is easy to figure out . What ever he says , he means just the opposite as in ” your premiums will not go up” LIE !……”you will get good healthcare “LIE !not if you’re a s.c……..” I wasn’t friendly w/ Bill Ayers and Beradine Dorn ” LIE . ……..introduced into politics in their home . And the list could go on and on and on ad nauseam …………………………….

  2. Friends, We, the People, must cease believing the feral gubbmint is in any way interested in looking after the immense majority of US citizens and residents. Since the imposition of the Fed Res Bank in 1913, and following the deliberate creation of governance by corporatism shortly afterwards, the over-riding concern of all federal activities has been to further the vested interests of the population’s top 1% and the withering of the rest.
    Two generations later a prominent US Roman Catholic Senator was elected in spite of fears that that the Pope would sit with him as ruler. He was soon killed for acting too independently of The Powers That Be, who put in his place one of the cabal’s plotters. LBJ promptly got his desired programs to continue their subversion. But one part of the plan remained, thus two more generations later the promotion of the Obamamama, where the illusion that someone from the racial slave caste could become the President of the USA was first perfected and put over on We, the People.
    Now the lowest have nothing to complain about in any way: for if the lowest of you can rise to be the highest, then All is Swell, if not exactly well.
    As for the rest of you whiners a place is ready for you, made by the folks of FEMA, the Homeland’s brown-shirted guardians. They’ll give you three hots and a cot, and all the fluoride you need to ensure there will be no more acting up by anyone contained behind the fences. After all, it’s all for the greater good: they do what they must to maintain law and order.

  3. Of course, it’s Bush’s fault…

  4. Why there’s not a complete uproar going on over this, and all the other things left undone, and things done that should not have been even considered, let alone put into action. All I see on the internet is that people are pretty much shocked by the way the WH behaves, and how congress just gooes along with the WH as the United States is being taken apart and sold of for scrap to a larger extent every day. Of course Brennan shouldn’t be put in charge of the CIA, and the new Secretary of the Treasury is a off shore gambler. John Kerry is aiding and abetting the militants who are causing mayhem in Syria and the sequester just glided through and now the people on food stamps and the unemployed are even worse off than before. The budget is looming up and no mention of job creation has taken place for months and months. Where is Mayor Bloomberg in the midst of all this? Isn’t he meant to be doing something about the Sandy victims? What a bunch of losers are in charge. It’s amazing that we can survive at all. I know that God is in control and he will make a way out of no way so that we can get out of the clutches of this gaggle of geese. Romney could go over there and pay a visit to this little girl in the meantime, and rent an apartment for her family for them, and that would be something he doesn’t need to be president to do. What in the world is stopping him?

  5. GracieJean Kelly

    Oh, Lord… let me tell you.. I’m actually a Jersey Shore resident living right where they film the dreadful show, “The Jersey Shore” more or less, like literally, give or take 10 mins (without literally revealing my actual location). Anyways, I could go on and on about what is actually being done here, which is more like a big nothing. You know who is helping us? US. I mean, yes, I will say when the storm first came and went, we had truck loads of stuff come in to all different churches and places and we had all those different temp sites set up for food/clothing/random items, etc.. I was volunteering with my mother for a good 2 months until I had to get back to life, you know, school/work and what not. But, we even had people from other states coming out to volunteer, it was amazing. But, the point being, we had so many people privately giving money, we got that money from the 12/12 concert, we get money from private fundraisers, but FEMA, we have yet to see money from them. And of course, there are so many scams and things going on down here, it’s ridiculous. New Jersey people are a fast moving people, the same as New York, so with tragedy, people always think of ways to make a quick buck or somehow a scam or two from the situation, and there’s been plenty of those. For someone who is an actual writer, I should have kept a blog, but I didn’t want to depress people, oh well. But yeah, there are A LOT of old people stuck in their assisted living towers still that I know of around here that I personally service still, like get food and clean and do what I can. My family was blessed that we just got minimal flooding, my car was damaged pretty bad but we fixed it up, our fence was literally ripped from the ground and trees and so forth, but other than that, since we live about 7 mins from the Ocean, we didn’t get the worst of it as others. We live a few blocks up from another water source, a lake or river, or who the heck knows, I never paid much attention to it until it was literally at my front door. But, again, our house was leveled for some reason and on this invisible hill and we were like one of the only houses on the block we didn’t get major flooding. We also believe in the power of prayer, and we were definitely praying, although I didn’t take the storm as serious, so I was praying not to lose power, my mom was smarter, lol. We lost power for 3 weeks, haha.


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