Paging Code Pink: Troops from 10th Mountain Division heading to Iraq this summer

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Stars and Stripes: Troops from the Army’s 10th Mountain Division will be headed to Iraq later this year, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced Monday.
About 1,250 soldiers from the division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team, based at Fort Drum, N.Y., will deploy in August or September to train, advise and assist the Iraqi security forces as they battle the Islamic State. The deployment will last nine months, according to Maj. Josh Jacques, a spokesman for the 10th Mountain Division.
Deploying members of the unit will replace soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division.

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0 responses to “Paging Code Pink: Troops from 10th Mountain Division heading to Iraq this summer

  1. I used to live near a place where the 10th trained. It was fun to watch them in practice.

  2. But we’re not at war in Iraq… it’s not like we have a troop rotation like we did earlier– oh, wait…

  3. Where’s Cindy Sheehan ? Her silence is deafening .

  4. God bless them… 🙁

    • I agree vistabee, they will surely need God’s blessings in a huge way because their Commander in Chief is the worst that any military has ever had the misfortune to serve under.

  5. Obama being the Commander-in-Chief over the Military is like having a flower shop manager overseeing the manufacturing of cars. They BOTH know absolutely NOTHING about the job they’re supposed to do.

  6. Cannon fodder for Obama’s fellow Jihadists.

  7. I’m a Canadian who lives just across the U.S. border about 25 miles from Fort Drum so I’m always interested in what the 10th Mountain Division is up to. I bought a 10th Mountain Division baseball cap at Fort Drum a few years ago just to express my respect for them. I wish them God speed and return safely. I also spit at their piece of shit commander in chief.


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