Paging BLM: Another weekend of violence as 55 shot in Chiraq, 3 children dead

Another weekend, another round of gun violence in Chiraq. Where is BLM to ensure that black lives are no longer systematically targeted for demise? Apparently they are focused on really important issues to ensure black lives aren’t targeted: The removal of White Jesus.

I scheduled this blog post Sunday afternoon. Don’t be surprised if the shooting numbers go up by Monday morning…they ALWAYS do.

Numbers went up by 8:00 pm Sunday evening: Little boy among 13 shot dead in Chicago so far this weekend, 42 others wounded

From MyFoxChicago:

Four children were among 46 people shot across Chicago so far this weekend, 10 of them fatally. Three of the children were killed.

A 10-year-old girl was fatally shot Saturday night when a stray bullet hit her inside a Logan Square home on the Northwest Side.

At least 27 other people have been injured by gunfire throughout the city since 5 p.m. Friday.

Last weekend’s gun violence reached a peak this year with 104 shot, 15 fatally. Five children were among those killed.

Read the whole story here.

h/t Jackie Puppet


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Dr. Eowyn
2 months ago

But not a peep from #BlackLivesMatter, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, all the other race-baiters/profiteers, and the demon-Left media.

2 months ago

Thank you DCG, for keeping the spotlight on Murder City USA. I’m waiting for the outcry about black-on-black violence, but all I hear is crickets.

Jackie Puppet
2 months ago

Like I said for last week’s post, the shooters were above average for the week, with a 25% “success” rate in killing! That video clip has more “truth” in it than has been said by any “man of the cloth”, or a self-appointed “leader & spokesman” of black people. Too bad another “man of the cloth”, Rev Michael Pfleger (Pfaker), can’t say this to his almost all-black parish, because he’s white – he’d gain my immediate respect if he did. 😂 When I go into the West side for work in the afternoon, I can’t tell you how many looks… Read more »

2 months ago

Thank you DCG…how long before this pastor is silenced…one way or another? In Obama time…it might be immediately. In our present time, maybe a a little bit longer……

Tim Shey
2 months ago

Bolshevik Lives Matter doesn’t care about black people. Bolshevik Lives Matter is a Marxist group bent on destroying the United States within: destroying our history, destroying Christianity, destroying the U.S. Constitution, destroying our society.

But the wicked always end up destroying themselves.