Paging BLM: More black lives targeted in Chiraq as 67 shot, 11 fatally

Wonder how BLM is helping Chiraq to ensure that Black lives are no longer systematically targeted for demise?

Another weekend, another round of double digit shootings in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chiraq. The most recent victims include four minors. Nine people have died.

I scheduled this post Sunday afternoon so don’t be surprised if the numbers go up by Monday morning.

Sure enough, by Sunday 8:00 pm the number shot had gone up to 63.

Updated AGAIN: At 11:00 pm, the tally was at 67 shot, 11 fatally.

From MyFoxChicago: 60 shot, 9 fatally, so far this weekend in Chicago.

At least 37 other people have been hurt in shootings in Chicago since 5 p.m. Friday.

Last weekend’s gun violence killed two people and wounded 31 others across the city.

Read the whole story here.

This typical weekend of violence came after 21 were shot the previous Thursday.


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Kevin J Lankford
Kevin J Lankford
6 months ago

Makes one wonder why they go on such a rampage when some cop takes one out every now and then. Especially when cops [D]o score more whites than blacks.

Lou Minati
Lou Minati
6 months ago

At first I thought the meme was going to say “Black people protesting abortions of black babies”. Would have still been accurate.
The photo also could have been saved for the next Caption Contest!

Dr. Eowyn
6 months ago

And on Father’s Day weekend, a testimony to the plague of fatherless Blacks, which is a product of the Democrats’ Great Society welfare state, aided and abetted by Republicans.

6 months ago
Reply to  Dr. Eowyn

Funny how the dems never bring that one up.

6 months ago
Reply to  DCG

She sure turned Chi town around….not.

Jackie Puppet
6 months ago

One person who must be glad he doesn’t have to deal with this anymore is former Supt. “Special Ed” Johnson.
And the new guy, Supt. Brown, must be wondering what he was thinking in coming out of retirement? For this?
Until the black community does some serious introspection about WHY a greater percentage of them are bloodthirsty savages compared to others – nothing will be solved – and don’t ask charlatan race-baiters such as Jesse Jackass to get involved.

6 months ago

Thank you DCG, for running an ongoing tally of the hell-hole that is Chicago.