Paging BLM: 21 shot in Chiraq on Thursday, 3 fatally

Wuhan virus ain’t going to slow down the gangs and criminals in Chiraq.

From MyFoxChicago:

“Twenty-one people were shot, three of them fatally, across Chicago on Thursday.

Thursday’s shootings follow a Wednesday in which six people were wounded in citywide gun violence.”

Read the whole story here.

Just imagine how high Chiraq’s shooting numbers could go if they #defundpolice!


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firefly breeze
firefly breeze
6 months ago

This is off topic but I am trying to find the writing from back before 2012 election about Ted Cruz and his involvement or awareness of how to program/psyop the religious evangelical vote using morality issues. I think it was from here?

Dr. Eowyn
6 months ago
Reply to  firefly breeze


I don’t recall any FOTM post on that, but I did post one on Glenn Beck telling evangelical Christians “If you don’t vote for Cruz, you’re not listening to God.”

firefly breeze
firefly breeze
6 months ago
Reply to  Dr. Eowyn

Nope that is not it. Thanks, though.

6 months ago

Damn, they’re rotten shots.

Jackie Puppet
6 months ago
Reply to  YouKnowWho

Anything below 20% dead is below average.