Paging Al Sharpton: Three teenage boys pistol-whipped girl, 14, and then shot her dead in attack

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Alexis Kane

Alexis Kane

DailyMail: Three teenage boys have been arrested for beating and fatally shooting a 14-year-old girl. Police said there is no apparent motive for the attack in Kansas City’s Bay Water Park at 5am on January 11. The body of eighth grader Alexis Kane was found by a passer-by the next morning – just meters away from her middle school.
Isaac Carter, 17, Ce-Antonyo Kennedy, 17, and Dominic McDaniel, 18, were charged with first-degree murder on Sunday after a two-week investigation.
‘It’s senseless. Absolutely senseless,’ Jackson County prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said as she announced the charges. ‘I cannot give you a reason that makes any sense.’ ‘It’s really about as terrible as I can imagine,’ Baker continued, according to The Kansas City Star. ‘She was only 14. She deserved a long life.’
Detectives are working to determine how Alexis met her alleged killers – the last of whom was arrested on Sunday. Surveillance footage allegedly shows Carter and McDaniel meeting Alexis in a white Chrysler at 4am outside a 7-Eleven. Video taken from Bay Water Park shows the group meeting Kennedy an hour later, where Alexis was beaten and shot dead, court documents say.
Friends told investigators she had been communicating with a person named ‘Malik Suckaface’ on Facebook in the hours leading up to her death. She then asked for a ride to a 7-Eleven, where a white Chrysler was waiting, shortly before 4am on January 11. The friends said they told Alexis not to get in the car but she did.
Despite attempting to follow the vehicle – allegedly driven by two men with dreadlocks – they lost track of it. Surveillance footage from Bay Water Park shows the car arrive in the parking lot at 5am on January 11, court documents state. Alexis emerges. She is then pistol-whipped and shot more than five times.
Court documents suggest Carter and McDaniel picked up Alexis in the car and met Kennedy at the park. Kennedy, who was arrested the day after Alexis’ murder, denied any involvement. He is accused of hitting the child with the pistol before firing five shots. Carter then took the gun and fired more shots, court documents state. McDaniel allegedly admitted to being in the car with Carter and Smith-Hale Middle School pupil Alexis.
Speaking at Kansas City Police Headquarters, where all three suspects are in custody, the prosecutor described a ‘very, very painful’ meeting with Alexis’ mother LaShonda Kane.
The Kansas City Star wrote that Mrs. Kane addressed reporters in a ‘barely audible voice’ to say: ‘This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.’ ‘I don’t want you standing where I am today,’ she added.
A vigil was be held on the Thursday after Alexis’s death at the water park where her body was found.
It has taken police two weeks to trace the suspects. The AdHoc Group Against Crime offered a $1,000 reward for leads.
Shanaya Kane, Alexis’ aunt, praised detectives’ efforts to get ‘those cowards off the streets’. She told reporters their family has barely slept in the past two weeks.

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0 responses to “Paging Al Sharpton: Three teenage boys pistol-whipped girl, 14, and then shot her dead in attack

  1. Comment obliterated by Dave.
    Sorry, but I have my limits.

    • blake, the use of that word hurts our best efforts. Respectfully ~TD

    • Actually, Blacks don’t all look the same, unless you’re blind.
      Your calling Blacks “niggers” and claiming they “look the same” is an effort to dehumanize them. Shame on you.
      It’s rank racists like you who make the work of honorable Blacks like Rev/Dr. James David Manning, neurosurgeon Ben Carson, bloggers Erik Rush, Mychal Massie & Lloyd Marcus even more daunting.

    • blake, you appear to be writing from South Korea. You should busy yourself defending against the fat dictator to the north, and stop trying to stir up race hatreds in America.

    • Be careful that’s a 3rd rail you dare not step on. I’ve stepped on it many times and the Marxist leftists I’m surrounded by have put out a warrant for my arrest dead or alive. I will say in my 50+ years of having to deal with and studying their behavior I will say that collectively they share a primitive tribal hive mind, which since our beloved pResident was installed have one thing on their collective minds, “you owe me” and conquest and extermination of the evil demonic white race. Nine out of 10 of afrikan Caribbean background I have encountered openly voice that conquest mantra.
      The left has done a thorough job with newspeak, outlawing words or modes of thought unless you are one of the sacred protected minorities; negro Hispanic or gay, but they are free to verbally, socially as well as physically get away with anything they please.
      “if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck”, it must be a duck, although you are forbidden to call it a duck

  2. So sad, but a 14 year old girl out at 4am? Really?

    • I have to say, the same thought came to me–what is a little girl doing out at 4 am? Sadly, young people feel they are grown up, and that they are invincible–there is no concept that danger can come to them. My heart goes out to her family. Let’s keep those particular animals off the streets forever.

  3. Thank you for this article, DCG.

  4. It’s a shame the we have a culture that sees nothing wrong with a 14 year old child out at 4 AM after spending time online with an unknown using a pseudonym to lure that child to her death.
    My attention is drawn to their eyes….. the eyes say it all. Two of the ‘perps’ have eyes full of hate, and the third….. well, his eyes say “I don’t give a s**t”. I imagine the eyes of all the Ferguson rioters were very much like these. In fact, we see such eyes every night on the news.
    What can you expect in a ‘society’ where no value is placed on human life (as in abortion, ‘knockout games’, domestic violence, violent video games and films, etc.) or on a quality education (high school ‘graduates’ who can’t read, know nothing about history or geography, or even write ‘cursive’ …..? How can that be, in 21st century America?)
    I consider it ‘trickle down disrespect’, and it starts at the top….. in Washington. Corruption, greed, lack of civility…. all the new hallmarks of our government (perhaps it’s always been that way…. wasn’t a member of Congress attacked by another member and beaten senseless with a walking stick back in the mid 1800s?). ‘Anything – or anyone – for a buck’.
    Respect has to be earned….. and I can think of very few in public life, or in the public eye, who are deserving.
    Truly, the death spiral of America is in full swing…. sounds very much like a toilet flushing, doesn’t it.

    • We also have a culture that promotes single parent families. No where in the article is the father mentioned.

      • DCG, point well taken. Dad’s are needed in the home–they are very influential in keeping children on the straight and narrow, as well as loving and protecting them. It is a horrible fact that so many homes do not have a Father as the head of the family.

    • Dear Bobtoon–your points are valid and compelling. Thanks for your expression of this sad state & it’s many facets.
      While it seems a minor point within this tragedy…thank you for mentioning in your list that no one can read or write cursive anymore. Here are my “teacherly” thoughts:
      Pretty soon, we won’t EVEN have to bother with annoying legislation written in a purposefully overwhelming thousands of pages so that we have to “pass it to see what’s in it.” All we will have to do is issue a page or two written in cursive & summarize it as a harmless, helpful bill for “the greater good,” and it will be passed. It could contain the framework for the next genocide on Earth…but, no matter, it will “pass” b/c no one will know what is in it….in fact, NO ONE will know what our FOUNDING DOCUMENTS contain….or their OWN Bill of Rights, ..b/c they are ALL in cursive. Anyone and everyone will “translate” and type into Pica Print whatever they WANT TO SAY…and no one will know the difference. Hey—if it’s on the web…it MUST be true!!! Snark! For that matter—since no modern kids write cursive…and no one has YET to standardize an alternative for school children to use in everyday communication in pursuit of their education…everyone and his brother “invents” his/her own printing before 4th or 5th grade. Just ask any Middle School teacher! By the time they get to us–it’s “Greek” to our eyes. Our second language learners enter into this confusion within the school system…with no standardization and no angst or regimen about the most important thing in their education—-which is COMMUNICATION….and they have to NOT ONLY learn a new language…but invent their own way of representing it in print on a daily basis—with NO GUIDELINES..NO OUTLINE..NO STANDARDIZATION..How much do you think this compromises the “back and forth” between student and teacher…the way they are evaluated for learning (or not) and the way they grow in academic vocabulary/subject & content command through the years?

  5. Count Sharpton only comes out of his coffin when it’s white perpetrators, otherwise it’s a wash. Then there is this quote from the article; “It’s senseless. Absolutely senseless,’ Jackson County prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said as she announced the charges. ‘I cannot give you a reason that makes any sense.” Well I can give a number of reasons; rampant drug use in the black community, rampant welfare use which strips away all pride, too many babies being fathered by one black male and many women…..disgusting. And the number one reason, no strong black males to kick these boy’s asses when they screw up. Just people like Sharpton, Obama, Holder,etc. to make excuses that have to do with skin color every time one of them gets in trouble with the law. How can anyone think any of this is a situation that is conducive to a normally functioning society of people, it’s an absolute recipe for disaster and it’s playing out on the news each and every night. The great Liberal plan to put blacks into financial slavery for votes.

  6. That girl’s parents were negligent!
    (1) Obviously, her mom didn’t restrict computer usage.
    (1) Obviously, her mom didn’t have a bedtime and curfew for their daughter.
    (3) Proof that Parents nowadays are “Missing In Action” but, shift the blame onto others. That woman could have avoided all this has she had rules she enforced, in her home.

  7. Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses and commented:
    Parents Missing In Action! 😡 RIP

  8. Shows you
    1-that things are not going too well for that demographic or that part of the country;
    It’s just so sad.
    2-Is it accurate to say the CHANGE is for the worse since this administration has taken over?
    3-You do not know who is watching this blog or what their intentions are;
    4-Hey the Rev is lookin pretty long in the tooth these days. Wonder if Obama will bother to show up at THAT funeral.
    Hey maybe they’ll bump Christmas and make December 25 Reverend Al Sharpton Day instead.
    We are so screwed

  9. Well, in my opinion, the day that Sharpton (or Obama, or JJ, or any other ot the ‘usual suspects’) kicks off and departs this veil of tears…..
    will be a National Holiday worthy of celebrating.
    I’ll drink to it…..
    (spelling of ‘veil’ might just be different than mine……)

  10. The matchbook “reverend” is much too busy supporting Planned Murderhood.


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