Paging Al Gore

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Full of hot air!

Montana ultra-marathon race cancelled due to snow

Well, what do you know.  For all of Al Gore’s ramblings about “global warming”, seems that Missoula, Montana didn’t get the message.

The race director of a 100-mile ultra-marathon foot race through the Flathead National Forest has cancelled the event due to lingering snow on the route that he says would make the course too dangerous for runners and likely prevent anyone from finishing within the required 36-hour limit.

Portions of the course for the Swan Crest 100 have deep snow that is concealing signs that mark trail intersections. He said he’s convinced the snow won’t melt in time for the event scheduled for July 29.

He said postponing the race would pose problems with shortening daylight hours and increased grizzly bear activity.

Maybe the “fat crazed sex poodle” can’t fly out there on a private jet and melt the snow away with all his hot air!


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6 responses to “Paging Al Gore

  1. Perhaps God is telling Captain Planet something?

  2. made my day DCG-“The Fat Sex Crazed Poodle” fat wind bag. That’s it you dumb butts keep giving this idiot ALL of your money. LOL!!

  3. And now the wild single life without Tipper comes to an end…

    Scientists find incurable, drug-resistant strain of Gonorrhea:

    (Thank you, Sexual Revolution.)

  4. al gore rapist on taiwan news

  5. I thought: “Paging Al Gore,” and “Dope Of The Day” were going to be related stories!

  6. hmmm snow in july whats next glaciers sliding down from canada


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