#NotMyPresident, demorats and media REALLY believe you are that stupid


We ALL know that the Wuhan virus was politicized to help #NotMyPresident get elected through election fraud. Yeah, I said it. Good thing I’m not on Twitter or Facebook, otherwise the bast*rds would ban me for that opinion.

Want proof that the demorats and media think ALL of you are stupid? Take a look at what is “suddenly” occuring within the media and demorat-run states.

Wuhan virus scary stats? Can’t report them because you are too stupid to understand numbers:

Wuhan scary stats? They are magically dwindling now that #NotMyPresident is in charge:

Wuhan virus shutdowns because we’ll all die if you leave your house and go to a restaurant? Apparently that threat is over because #NotMyPresident is in the White House:

What a coincidence that the Wuhan virus numbers are going down now, right?

And now that #NotMyPresident is in charge, demorat-run states/cities are all of a sudden re-opening indoor dining. Another coincidence, right?

The System/demorats/RINOS care NOTHING about you. They will shut you down and DESTROY your business and livelihood to remain in power.

Then they will demand that you plebeians thank them for the $600 they sent your way.

Had enough yet, folks?


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How the agenda-driven media promotes transgender “female” athletes


Remember, the media ONLY have an agenda to follow.

If you read articles promoting transgender female athletes, you’ll hear the usual words: Inclusivity, welcoming, inspiring, and every other word to make you feel good about accepting men in competing against women in an athletic sport.

And you’ll notice that the glowing articles show the trans athletes pictured by themselves. Take the following examples:

Emily Bridges, a 19-year-old UK trans cyclist. There’s articles promoting Emily’s story here and here.

Here’s photos of Emily from the above, trans-friendly articles:

Here’s what Emily looks like standing next to other students/women:

Here’s another example: June Eastwood, an American cross country runner. See articles about June here and here. Solo photos of June accompany these articles, too:

Here’s what June looks like compared to fellow female athletes:

#NotMyPresident has vowed to protect men in school athletics who desire to compete as a woman in female sports. Your girl who may excel and be competitive for a sports scholarship? She’s outta luck if she gets a guy competing against her.

But hey, at least the school is “inclusive.”

h/t Miranda on Twitter


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Biden keeps his promise to destroy all the good President Trump achieved


America under under siege cries havoc.

President Joe Biden Wednesday traveled from his inauguration ceremony to the White House, sat down at a desk in the Oval Office, and within less than two hours managed destroy nearly ALL of the achievements President Trump fought for four years against savage opposition to achieve.

Biden signed 15 executive orders and two agency actions that fundamentally change the course of our democratic government and dramatically alter the nature of American society. Were that not enough, Biden announced his plan to continue signing executive orders through the remainder of this week.

Highlights of Biden’s treason include granting voting rights to undocumented illegal aliens, including illegal aliens in census counts, and lifting the ban on travel from known terrorist Muslim countries (think Iran).

The following list was compiled by Bob D’Angelo, Cox Media Group National Content Desk,
updated January 20, 2021 – 9:47 PM. I have edited his work for brevity and clarity.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Joe Biden hit the ground running on his first day in office.

Biden signed 15 executive orders and two agency actions on Wednesday evening. The new president’s actions were aimed at reversing several of former President Donald Trump’s policies, including the pandemic response, the environment, anti-immigration policies, diversity and economic recovery.

“There’s no time to start like today,” Biden told reporters in the Oval Office.
President Joe Biden signs executive orders targeting Trump policies on immigration, climate change, racial equity and the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are Biden’s executive actions from his first day:

• An executive order requiring that people wear masks and maintain social distancing on federal property.

• The reversal of Trump’s decision to remove the U.S. from the World Health Organization. Dr. Anthony Fauci will lead the American delegation.

• An executive order that creates the position of COVID-19 response coordinator and restores the Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense, a team in charge of the pandemic response, within the National Security Council.

• An executive order to extend eviction and foreclosure moratoriums. The moratorium for evictions will be extended until at least March 31.

• Extended the existing pause on student loan payments and interest for Americans with federal student loans until at least Sept. 30.

• An “instrument” that will allow the U.S. to rejoin the Paris Agreement on climate change within 30 days. The executive order fulfilled a campaign promise and represented a stark rebuke of Trump’s “America First” policy. Trump officially withdrew the nation from the Paris agreement on Nov. 4.

• An executive order with the aim of “embedding equity across federal policymaking and rooting out systemic racism and other barriers to opportunity from federal programs and institutions.” This order will also disband the Trump administration’s 1776 Commission, which released a report on Monday that historians said distorted the role of slavery in the U.S.

• An executive order reversing an order that excluded undocumented immigrants from the Census. The order now requires non-citizens to be included in the Census and the apportionment of congressional representatives.

• A memorandum directing officials to “preserve and fortify” the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. The memo strengthens DACA after Trump’s efforts to undo protections for undocumented people who were brought into the country as children.
“The Secretary of Homeland Security, in consultation with the Attorney General, shall take all actions he deems appropriate, consistent with applicable law, to preserve and fortify DACA.”

• An executive action repealing two proclamations, informally known as the “Muslim ban” that restricted entry into the U.S. from majority-Muslim terrorist countries. Biden directed the State Department to restart visa processing for individuals from the affected countries. Biden also asked the agency to develop ways to address the “harm caused” to those who were prevented from coming to the United States because of the ban.

• An executive order revoking Trump’s “harsh and extreme immigration enforcement” and directing agencies to set immigration policies more “in line” with the Biden administration’s “values and priorities.”

• A proclamation that will pause the construction of the border wall with Mexico and determine how to “best divert those funds elsewhere”. The order includes an “immediate termination” of the national emergency declaration that allowed the Trump administration to redirect billions of dollars to the wall.

• A memorandum to extend a designation allowing Liberians who have been in the United States for a long time to remain. The order would block the deportation of Liberians who have been living in the United States.

• An executive order directing the government to interpret the Civil Rights Act as prohibiting workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, in addition to race, color, religion, sex and national origin.

• An executive order enacting new ethics rules for government officials. The rules will require executive branch appointees to sign an ethics pledge, barring them from acting in their personal interest.

• An executive order reversing “regulatory process executive orders” enacted by the Trump administration. Directs OMB director to develop recommendations to modernize regulatory review and “reverse” Trump’s “regulatory approval process”.

~ Grif

(Personal Note) I descend from a long line of men who have fought for this country, from the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Indian Wars, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, to the Vietnam War. The younger generations are keeping that tradition. I shudder to think what the USA will look like in four years. If the socialist/communist libtards can do this much damage in just an afternoon, then this country may not survive four years of Biden’s term of office. I have flown the American flag on my home with pride for decades. But, from this day on, I will fly it upside down as a sign of danger and distress. I urge all those who love this country to do the same. We need to start a movement; pass the word on Instagram, Face Book, Reddit, and any other blog or social media you can access. Ask your contacts to follow your example and spread the word. We need an army of patriots to show their dismay at what has happened to America. My prayer to all my FOTM friends is that God give us the strength and wisdom to weather this disaster. God help us all.

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Friday funnies!



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Another reason to dump Twitter: Refused to remove child porn because it didn’t ‘violate policies’


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Apparently suspending President Trump and conservatives is more of a priority than protecting children.


From NY Post:

Twitter refused to take down widely shared pornographic images and videos of a teenage sex trafficking victim because an investigation “didn’t find a violation” of the company’s “policies,” a scathing lawsuit alleges.

The federal suit, filed Wednesday by the victim and his mother in the Northern District of California, alleges Twitter made money off the clips, which showed a 13-year-old engaged in sex acts and are a form of child sexual abuse material, or child porn, the suit states.

The teen — who is now 17 and lives in Florida — is identified only as John Doe and was between 13 and 14 years old when sex traffickers, posing as a 16-year-old female classmate, started chatting with him on Snapchat, the suit alleges.

Doe and the traffickers allegedly exchanged nude photos before the conversation turned to blackmail: If the teen didn’t share more sexually graphic photos and videos, the explicit material he’d already sent would be shared with his “parents, coach, pastor” and others, the suit states.

Doe, acting under duress, initially complied and sent videos of himself performing sex acts and was also told to include another child in his videos, which he did, the suit claims.

Eventually, Doe blocked the traffickers and they stopped harassing him, but at some point in 2019, the videos surfaced on Twitter under two accounts that were known to share child sexual abuse material, court papers allege.

Over the next month, the videos would be reported to Twitter at least three times — first on Dec. 25, 2019 — but the tech giant failed to do anything about it until a federal law enforcement officer got involved, the suit states.”

Read the whole story here.


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#NotMyPresident day two: Fracking ban promise broken, killing US jobs


SHOT (With Fourth Estate assist):


Election fraud is going to have big consequences!


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Here’s what the left can do with their call for “unity”


Supoosedly now that the tide has turned in favor of the communists in the Swamp, there is a call for “unity.”

For over TEN years the left have called us every name in the book. Here’s some examples:

Bitter clingers
Racist, xenophobics
White supremicists
Domestic terrorists

Now it turns out that if you are military and a member of the NRA or TPUSA you will be vetted. You KNOW that criteria is coming for ALL conservative Americans and will get you on a list some where in this administration.

Here’s what the left can do with their call for unity:


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Antifa.com redirects to Biden White House


The domain Antifa.com has existed since 2002.

The website was purchased after Donald John Trump was voted President in 2016, and transformed into a hub for Antifa, the organization of radical-Left domestic terrorists.

As recently as as July 24, 2020, the Antifa.com homepage had contained pro-Antifa propaganda, according to records by the Wayback Machine.

BizPacReview‘s Vivek Saxena reports that in August 2020, multiple mainstream outlets, including Snopes, the National Post, Yahoo News, Mashable, reported that Antifa.com was redirected to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign website.

Yet as of August 30, neither Biden nor anybody at his campaign had yet remarked on the fact that an extremist website was redirecting its viewers to his campaign site.

Now, Antifa.com is redirecting to Joe Biden’s White House!

As of this morning, 2 AM, January 21, 2021, when I typed “Antifa.com” into my laptop’s URL bar, it takes me to https://www.whitehouse.gov/, the White House’s website.


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#NotMyPresident: National Guard soldiers turn their backs on Beijing Biden’s presidential motorcade


Yesterday, on January 20, 2021, just like in a corrupt Third World banana republic afraid of its own citizens, Beijing “Joe” Biden was inaugurated “president” of the [Dis]United States of America at the U.S. Capitol armed to the teeth with 25,000 National Guard troops dispatched from all 50 states.

The 25,000 National Guard soldiers far exceeded the number of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, which President Trump had reduced to 2,500. If Trump had his way, he would have ended the Afghan war entirely — now the longest war in U.S. history — by withdrawing all U.S. troops from that hell hole.

The National Guardsmen at Beijing Biden’s inauguration were permitted to use lethal force in order to intimidate and prevent the more than 74 million ( 74,222,593 to be exact) Americans who had voted for President Trump, from even peacefully protesting the fraudulent election and inauguration of this tool of China.

National Guardsmen were among the 75 million Americans who were derisively referred to as “chumps” (df: stupid people) by Beiing Biden, and “deplorables” (df: reprehensible, terrible, wretched people) by Hillary Clinton.

How do we know that?

Because many of the National Guardsmen stationed along Independence Avenue turned their backs on PINO (President-In-Name-Only) Biden’s motorcade as it made its way from the Capitol to the White House following the inauguration.

Independent journalist Cesare Sachetti, who proudly describes himself as “politically incorrect and heretical,” tweeted this video (h/t FOTM reader Tim Shey):

Ines de La Cuetara, who identifies herself as a “multiplatform reporter @ABC,” also tweeted the video.

That National Guardsmen turned their back on Biden’s motorcade is confirmed by News.com.au, Australia’s number one commercial news site, as you can see in the DuckDuckGo search result below:

But News.com.au evidently chickened out because if you click on the link, you get a 404 “couldn’t find the page you requested” message.

H/t FOTM readers Steven Broiles and Jen for the monikers “Beijing Biden” and “PINO Biden”. (See TrailDust’s post, “Name The President“)


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Name The President


It is nearly impossible for me to take the new “president’s” name on my lips.

So I invite all to suggest proper names for him. Please avoid words we can’t print… 

Oh heck! Use anything at all.

~ TD

Drudge Report has gone to the dark side. Check out Whatfinger News, the Internet’s conservative frontpage founded by a military veteran!

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