Pack of laughing teens assault concert goers in Newark

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Last Saturday night, a band of 10-15 “teens” attacked five people who were leaving a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert, attended by some 20,000 fans, at the Prudential Center in downtown Newark, New Jersey.
James Queally reports for the (Newark) Star-Ledger, May 9, 2012, that the attacks left a Pennsylvania man with a shattered eye socket and a New Providence father unconscious and bleeding in front of his 14-year-old son, according to police reports obtained by The Star-Ledger.
While scrupulously avoiding to identity the racial identity of the attackers, Newark Police Director Samuel DeMaio said that “Some of the kids were laughing through the assaults.”
Demaio said authorities have surveillance video of the assaults, which shows the attackers were a band of between 10 and 15 “thugs,” who appear to be 15-year-olds. The group attacked five people in three separate incidents along Broad Street, stealing several iPhones and a wallet. None of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries, but three of the people who were harmed were teenagers.
Some of the injuries may have also been worse than described. While the police reports said two Livingston teens suffered minor injuries when they were attacked, the father of one of the boys said his son actually sustained “multiple facial fractures.” The man asked not to be identified, to protect the identity of his son.
The entire incident lasted less than two minutes, as the teens surged along the street throwing fists and feet at their victims. Although the city had assigned 23 cops to the concert arena, the attack looked so chaotic that commanding officers at the 3rd Precinct issued a “citywide alert” calling for help, according to police reports.
Despite that, Police Director Demaio insists that people “feel safe when you come to Newark. Feel safe when you come to the arena.”
Demaio also said he “may” release images or the entire video feed of the attacks later today.
Hmm. Let’s see what clues we have here:

  • A pack of 10-15 teens randomly attack concert goers, using their fists and feet. (Kinda reminds you of this incident in Norfolk, VA.)
  • The attackers rob the victims of their wallets and cell phones. (Kinda reminds you of this incident in Baltimore, MD.)
  • The attackers laugh as they assault the victims.
  • The city’s police director scrupulously avoids identifying the racial-ethnic identity of the attackers, not even ONE word of physical description.

According to the 2010 census, more than half (52.35%) of the population of Newark are Blacks, whereas 26.31% are white. Wikipedia says “The 1967 riots resulted in White flight, a significant population loss of the city’s middle class, many of them Jews, which continued from the 1970s through to the 1990s.”
Reader Dale Poneiwaz wrote this comment on’s brief article on the attack: “If they [the attackers] were ‘white’ the headline would have read ‘Pack of roving white teens’…because it does not say that you know they’re black…”
What do you think are the chances that, if Obama or Romney “had a son,” he would “look just like” the Newark thugs?
And do you think the Red Hot Chili Peppers would hold a concert for the Newark victims, like they did on March 29 in Tampa, Florida, wearing “Ode to Trayvon” hoodies?

Red Hot Chili Peppers in Tampa, FL, March 29, 2012.


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  1. What the peppers are doing is called instigation. Shame on them. I used to like them.

  2. Reblogged this on Liberty Press.

  3. There were recent massive layoffs of cops in Newark, the home of the “Hero Mayor”, Cory Booker. You can see the story of those layoffs here:
    The police union could have avoided the bulk of the layoffs entirely with some give backs of what many consider cushy salary and benefits packages. You can read about the exact details in that article from What happened in Newark was that 167 of the lowest seniority beat cops were let go and that would force cops in higher positions back on to the streets far more often than they would like. This is happening in other NJ cities as belts are finally being tightened with regards to these union employees.
    Just my opinion and it is based partly on my direct interaction with a number of NJ cops, is that these cops with higher seniority seriously resent being put back on the tough patrols. They realize their goals of “25 and out” are now severely jeopardized. Their hearts are not fully with protecting the cities and people they are sworn to serve. These “gang bangers” know this. Thus Demaio’s response of “let’s go to the video tape once we have plenty of back-up”. Concert goers are an easy mark in Newark.

  4. This is going on all over the USA. Why isn’t it being accurately reported or dealt with? People need to start arming themselves. They leave innocent victims with serious injuries and nothing is done. What has happened to our country?

  5. Mace is good to carry to use thugs and thugetts who insist on getting their widdle brown eyes stunged. Then proceed to beat some “best not do dat” into them.

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