Pacific Northwest Snow, Day 4

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Homebound, day four.  Bundled up, grabbed my backpack and walked the mile to the grocery store to stock up before the big one. Forecast calls for us to get anywhere between 4 to 8 inches of new snow tomorrow – woo hoo! 
Scenes from the grocery store.

No firelogs.  Fortunately I have a good stack of firewood at home!

Run on eggs as well…

Scenes from my walk to the store.

Church by my house

Trees pretty, roads ugly!

Bird bath covered in snow (not real birds!)

Snowman covered in snow!


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0 responses to “Pacific Northwest Snow, Day 4

  1. I love it! Selfishly, because I work from home.

  2. Sheet metal screws in the lugs of your boots help
    keep the blond-side-up…but can’t be worn inside.

  3. ha, didn’t check the birds, who knows?!
    14 degrees, yikes! My dad’s down to 10 degrees where he is. Just cold, cold here. Tomorrow going to build my own snowman during SOPA blackout!

  4. I am so very sorry you are snowbound,. Stay warm and safe and keep that fireplace going. Good luck.

  5. LOL – At least there is charcoal. 🙂
    You should see what happens here in Atlanta if there is even a rumor of snow.
    Talk about panic.

  6. Al Gore claims it’s all a plot by Rush Limbaugh…

  7. Aw thanks…did the best I could w/my outdated 3G phone 🙂

  8. News tonight said up to 50 mph wind gusts coming down from Canada all day tomorrow. Anticipating 5-10″ more snow.

  9. Here in Central was last night –39 C That is cold!!. Colder than Alaska.Lakes are frozen over and the ice is 27″ thick we drive our car to the hole to start fishing, mind you actually you go fishing when it is about 5 to 10 below zero.. Tonight it will be –36 plus some say with snow. The kids love it as the school buses don”t run at – 30.They can stay home. Please refrain from complaining about 6 inches of snow. Open Minded.

    • I am not complaining open minded…homebound is no fun but I certainly did enjoy my walks and seeing the snow! Guess if I lived in an area like yours I’d be used to it but alas, I live in a much different climate. I cannot drive in this weather but have adjusted – walking to the store everyday. My only complaint is I can’t get to work. Try driving around this area with the people that don’t know how to drive in the snow! An open mind is a good thing…


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