“Pacific Islander” doctor arrested for performing unnecessary surgeries on women, including hysterectomies

Dr. Javaid Perwaiz

The good doctor that was arrested is Javaid Perwaiz, 69, of Chesapeake, Virginia. The USMS Norfolk arrested him on Friday and he was booked into the Western Tidewater Regional Jail.

The arresting record describes him as “Asian/Pacific Islander.”

The good doctor is neither of those descriptors – he’s originally from Pakistan.

According to WJLA, the doctor was charged with one count each of health care fraud and making false statements relating to health care matters.

This arrest all began because of a tip from an employee last year to the FBI. WJLA states that the doctor subjected Medicaid patients (four in total) to unwanted procedures including hysterectomies and tubal ligation.

Apparently the affidavit completed by the FBI states that in 2014 a woman learned that Perwaiz had removed her Fallopian tubes without her consent or knowledge.

Scott Daughtery of The Virginian-Pilot has an extensive story about this case including more details about the unwanted/unauthorized procedures. This includes the fact that the arrested doctor was performing so many procedures that hospital staff had a difficult time “keeping up.”

Read the whole scary story here.

From the arrested doctor’s web page:

“Dr. Perwaiz has practiced in the Chesapeake region for over 30 years, providing expert and individualized care to his patients. Personally following each and every patient throughout their pregnancy, he is available 24/7 to meet all of your requests and expectations.

Educated abroad, Dr. Perwaiz has practiced in the Chesapeake Region for over 30 years. He is dedicated to the promotion of healthcare to women from adolescence to menopause and beyond. His training and experience truly qualifies him as an expert in the care of low and high risk pregnancies. He has delivered thousands of healthy babies. His surgical skills are unparalleled, from laparoscopic surgery, cesarean section, hysterectomy, to more complicated gynecologic repair.“

Guess the doctor should have added this caveat to his web page: “Whether you want it or not.”

h/t PJ Media


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8 months ago

Nice. This clown reminds me of the “doctor” who set up a methadone clinic in the city where I worked. He was from Bangladesh, drove a BMW. He used to see his “customers” in public and greet them, thereby violating their confidentiality. He did a booming business, when it opened people were lined up into the street. One of my clients, a fragile and vulnerable young woman, told me that he tried to hit on her. Why is it that practically all of the doctors here now are from India/Pakistan/Bangladesh? I guess they don’t need doctors in those countries. That… Read more »

8 months ago
Reply to  William

Or they come here because Morals and scruples aren’t mandatory here. Those are traits they never see where THEY come from.

Michael Garrison
Michael Garrison
8 months ago

One look into this pyscho’s eyes should be enough to keep you away from him. If you have spiritual discernmanship, then you know what I mean.

8 months ago

The eyes yes. All the warmth and compassion of Hannibal Lechter

8 months ago

Pakistani? No surprize.