PA high school band celebrates 1917 Bolshevik Revolution

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Decades of left-wing indoctrination and propaganda have produced this: A high school marching band in the United States of America openly and flagrantly paid tribute to Russia’s communist revolution.

For its halftime performance, the marching band of New Oxford High School (NOHS) in New Oxford, Pennsylvania, commemorated Russia’s 1917 Bolshevik Revolution that began in St. Petersberg. That revolution was the world’s first successful communist revolution that, after a 3-year civil war,  installed the Soviet Union, the world’s first Marxist communist state.

Todd Starnes reports for Fox News, Sept. 24, 2012, that the band chose “St. Petersburg: 1917” as its theme for the halftime performance, replete with red flags, olive military-style uniforms, and giant hammers and sickles.

The band’s website features a picture of the group with students holding a huge hammer-and-sickle — a symbol of communism and of the communist party.

A parent, who asked not to be identified, attended a football match at NOHS last Friday with his children and was shocked by what he saw. He alerted Fox News:

“There is no reason for Americans to celebrate the Russian revolution. I am sure the millions who died under Communism would not see the joy of celebrating the Russian revolution by a school 10 miles from Gettysburg. It was Glee meets the Russian Revolution. I’m not kidding you. They had giant hammers and sickles and they were waving them around. Who thought this was a good idea? It would be tantamount to celebrating the music of 1935 Berlin. If I was Lithuanian, Estonian, or Ukrainian, I’d be a little hot. I’d be really hot. It’s insulting to glorify something that doesn’t need to be glorified in America.””

Rebecca Harbaugh, the superintendent for the Conewago Valley School District, told Fox News that the band’s performance was “not an endorsement of communism at all. It’s a representation of the time period in history called St. Petersburg 1917. I am truly sorry that somebody took the performance in that manner. I am. If anything is being celebrated it’s the music. It is what it is. I understand people look at something and choose how to interpret that and I’m just very sorry that it wasn’t looked at as just a history lesson.”

Paul Kengor, the executive director for the Center for Vision & Values at Pennsylvania’s Grove City College, initially thought the halftime performance was a joke. He told Fox News that even if the school was not celebrating the revolution “they seem to be commemorating this to some degree. This is surreal. This is like something out of the Twilight Zone – but it’s even stranger than that. The Bolshevik Revolution launched a global Communist revolution that from 1917 through the 1990s was responsible for the deaths of over a hundred million people. What the Russian revolution unleashed was a nightmare – a historical human catastrophe. This is something that should be condemned and not in any way commemorated or laughed at.”

Gerson Moreno-Riano, a history professor and dean of Regent University’s College of Arts & Sciences, told Fox News the performance is shocking: “The Russian revolution was one of the most violent episodes of the 20th Century. Lenin put into place a doctrine of mass terror to crush the opposition and thousands and thousands of people were murdered. [There’s little to celebrate in the 1917 revolution.] It’s full of violence, terror, destruction and in some weeks thousands of people were executed – some thrown with rocks around their necks into the river to drown. It’s quite frankly horrific that a high school would be celebrating that at a football game.”

Moreno-Riano is even more disturbed by the group photograph of the band in front of the hammer and sickle: “To raise the emblems of the hammer and sickle – the emblems of so much violence, destruction and terror – is a lack of knowledge of history.”

In the best case scenario, he said the editors were simply ignorant of the era. “The worst case scenario is someone who is trying to celebrate something they know about – and they’re trying to insert this into their educational agenda.”

Here’s contact info for New Oxford High School:

Address: 130 Berlin Road, New Oxford, PA 17350
Phone: (717) 624-2157 ext. 2004 or 2005

NOHS principal Kevin Thomas

School Principal: Kevin Thomas

Top left is NOHS athletic director Ken Shafer (Photo source)

Athletic Director: Ken Shafer
Ph: (717) 624-2157 ext. 2016

Superintendent Rebecca Harbaugh (r). (Photo source)

Here’s contact info for Superintendent Rebecca Harbaugh of the Conewago Valley School District:

130 Berlin Road New Oxford, PA 17350
Telephone (717) 624-2157 | Fax (717) 624-5020

Odd choice: Parents and historians agreed it was shocking to commemorate an event that led to Communism and the deaths of millions. Pictured, soldiers march in 1917Soldiers march in 1917 Revolution
'Educational': The school argued it was simply giving a history lesson and wanted the audience to hear the music. A Soviet propaganda poster celebrates the 15th anniversary of the 1917 RevolutionA Soviet propaganda poster celebrates the 15th anniversary of the 1917 Revolution

Photos from Daily Mail

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0 responses to “PA high school band celebrates 1917 Bolshevik Revolution

  1. Dear Mr. Thomas,

    My disdain for the “poor public education system” has risen to new heights thanks to your theories of indoctrination to the hijacked Democratic Party!

    How could you?!? You should have your school shut down for this treasonous garbage! I’ll bet real American history has no place in your school along with God!

    Do you know what the capital city of Israel is?

    A Deeply Offended American

  2. This is the same principal that would call the media if your kid was assigned a book report on Martin Luther King Jr., and was told to “dress as the character”…When your child shows up in “black face” the media and the ACLU and NAACP is there to blast your child for racism!

    These people need to be extricated from our schools! Parents and Grandparents! Fight back!

  3. I wonder how many kids they had playing the millions of bodies of those murdered in this tragedy. I guess these teachers and administrators were suffering from a massive case of rectal cranial insertion.

  4. Americans don’t know what communism is anymore.

    Ignorant fools.


  5. If it was JUST about the music, then why did they need props and uniforms? They are using our public school system to get kids to “accept” this way of thinking. In 10 years, ALL young adults will be accepting of COMMUNISM and not really know why…just that it’s familiar. When things are familiar…they are COMFORTable! And “the people” are paying for all of it with taxes!

  6. This is most reprehencible! What i’m wondering is what was the reactions of the audience? My feeling is that most didn’t give it much of any thought. Brainless zombies and sheep!


  7. I doubt that the administration would have allowed the students to march in playing an old hymn, to commemorate America’s history as a Christian nation (which it was). That would be considered offensive.

  8. “and I’m just very sorry that it wasn’t looked at as just a history lesson.”…really?? Rewriting history again to fit your agenda, I see. If it had been a history lesson, you would have shown the artists, musicians, and all types of creative people in coffins, since they were among the first to be murdered, along with religious leaders, food producers, basically anyone who might be able to foment HOPE and CHANGE. The real kind. But hey, who needs the truth? FORWARD…MARCH!!!

  9. I’ve lost count at the number of reasons to homeschool…

  10. What next, a Holocaust camp play coz some of the Jews hummed classical music?
    I had a uni prof who said Mao’s Cultural Revolution was good because it cleaned out the remnants of anti-commies (ya, parents turned in by their brain-washed kids and then sent to work camps, jail or their death). At least I had the brains to disagree coz I was older.

  11. Over the years, my youngest is twenty two years old, I saw many people take their kids out of public schools to private, home school, myself included. At the same time, I complained that the good are leaving instead of doing something to change it. The board meetings I went to were hopeless and fruitless, we at least were able to raise the grade requirement for sports, to a C! Good teachers were wasted and bad were kept.. I have noticed the communist creep, in subtle ways, the use of the word Revolution. Google Classical Revolution, nice idea for musicians to share their love of music, but totally ignorant of the symbol of the red star for their logo. Sad.


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