OWS "worker" is major creep

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OWS Scumbag

Protester busted in tent grope, suspected in rape of another demonstrator

NY Post: An Occupy Wall Street kitchen worker has been charged with groping one female demonstrator — and is a suspect in the horrifying rape of another, law-enforcement sources told The Post.

Tonye Iketubosin, 26 — who has been working at the protesters’ makeshift kitchen at Zuccotti Park since last month — was charged yesterday in the sex abuse of an 18-year-old protester in the tent he helped her pitch on Oct. 24, the sources said.
The creeped-out victim told cops that Iketubosin offered to help her put up her tent — and was still inside when she showed up to go to sleep hours later, according to the sources. Despite her furious demands that the sicko get out of her space, Iketubosin allegedly refused — and instead lunged at her, grabbing her thigh and buttocks, the sources said.  The enraged protester told cops she was finally able to shove him out of the tent.  The woman told cops about the pervy protester on Tuesday.

She said that she knew the man by sight, but had not been acquainted with him before he helped her with her tent.
Iketubosin, who has a sealed juvenile record in Texas, was busted soon afterward. He was arraigned last night, with bail set at $7,500 bond or $5,000 cash.  The prosecutor said Iketubosin — who is living with an aunt in Crown Heights, Brooklyn — is a suspect in several rapes in the park
One rape victim was another 18-year-old.  That teenager’s attacker had invited her to stay in his tent after she had a fight with the man with whom she had been sharing another tent, according to the sources.  She went to sleep in the tent only to find the pervert trying to peel off her pants, the sources said.  She pleaded with the brute to stop, but he refused and then allegedly raped her, the sources said.
Note to women at OWS:  Don’t get in a tent with strangers! But if you do, make sure you’ve got the Second Amendment on your side.
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  1. Hope the b”””””” go to jail and get the same treatment from Bubba.
    Girls, go home, look for a job, or go to school.

  2. I wouldn’t even walk near Zucotti Park — or any park — at night, even less would I sleep in a tent there. That’s just asking for trouble. These 18-year-old women are living in LaLa Never Never Land.

  3. I hope he is going to like his new boyfriend, because I think they are going to be spending a lot of time together. 🙂

  4. Francis Sargent

    Let’s get beyond this. Donate to http://www.Hermaincain.com so that we can stay on track and destroy the left wing mutants.

  5. I have to wonder how many of the protesters are native New Yorkers. I would NEVER sleep in a public park there. That is just asking for trouble. I really wish the women would take responsibility for their own safety and either go home, find other lodgings, or get a weapon. Manhattan is not a safe place after dark for anyone, much less a woman.


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